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Dreamvision releases the UST25-4000HDi, the World’s first ultra-short throw laser HD projector on the market

Press Release  |  Jun 12, 2015

This laser projector which combines amazing performance and unique features is the ultimate solution for schools, museums, businesses, sports bars, control rooms, yachts, hotels and residential living room

Paris, France – June 12th, 2015 — Dreamvision, a cutting-edge brand at the forefront of audio and video products for the residential and commercial markets, famous for its high-end Siglos Series and its awarded B.E.S.T. Passive 3D solutions, extends its Pro range with the new UST25-4000HDi video-projector.

The UST25-4000HDi is remarkable for being the first ultra short throw projector in the world that combines laser technology with Full-HD resolution. Capable of producing 4,000 ANSI lumens, it is also one of the brightest ultra-short throw projectors available today.

The perfect amalgamation of high brightness and high resolution guarantees the projection of a crystal clear image, even in an uncontrolled light environment.

As a benefit of the incredible 0.25:1 ultra short throw projection ratio, the UST25-4000HDi can display a 100” diagonal screen (220 cm wide) from just 30 cm (1 foot) off the screen/wall. Therefore, the projector - which is also ultra compact, slim and light – can sit on or into a millwork right below the screen or wall/ceiling mounted right above it.

This is a fantastic piece of news for all the customers who are restricted by space limitations when a regular long throw projector could be a problem because of the undesired interferences that create shadow puppets on the screen (typically in schools, museums and meeting rooms).

Ultra short throw projectors are by nature very popular in classrooms and education settings, but they can also prove very useful in businesses, sports bars, museums, yachts, hotel rooms and in residential living-rooms and patios.

Known for its remarkable picture contrast and brightness, another benefit of using a laser light source is the absence of a lamp and the very long life of the laser (up to 20,000 hours in full brightness mode, up to 30,000 in Eco mode), which translates to lower operation and maintenance costs. Power consumption is also significantly reduced, making it more efficient and environment-friendly.

The UST25-4000HDi’s laser technology takes only 8 seconds to switch on and reach its optimal picture quality. Similarly, it switches off in a snap and there is no cooling off period required. Because the laser technology does not require an incandescent lamp, the projector practically does not get warm, which makes it ideal for 24/7 operations (such as control rooms for example) and which makes it a lot quieter than lamp-based projectors with similar specifications. The laser being a solid-state light source, there is no more restrictions on the projector position and installation orientation. Therefore, it can even be used in portrait mode.

Thanks to its numerous inputs (including two HDMI inputs), the Dreamvision UST25-4000HDi projector supports Full-HD movies with stereo sound and can natively read multimedia files. Equipped with its bright light output and the 10W loudspeaker, the UST25-4000HDi turns any room into a thrilling cinema within 8 seconds.

Weighing less than 7 kg, the Dreamvision UST25-4000HDi is an ultra-portable and versatile projector without compromise to its exceptional image quality. Easily take it to a customer's premises for your products presentations or to a friend's house for a football match. The UST25-4000HDi has a built in USB input which makes it the ultimate universal projector.

Thanks to the WonderWallTM embedded camera and the WonderWallTM finger-touch interactive kit (optional), The Dreamvision UST25-4000HDi is a fully interactive video-projector. That is a perfect solution for education, museums and a great plus for your business presentations.

The Dreamvision UST25-4000HDi is also a smart projector that can read the most popular audio and video files through its internal Media-Player and in the highest quality available. It supports all current video formats (including mkv, mp4, avi, mp3) with multiple audio channels. mkv videos with multiple audio and / or multiple subtitles. You can bring anywhere a copy of all your favorite content on a single hard disk.

It can also natively play document files such as slideshows, spreadsheets, texts, which is a nice feature for teachers or presenters in general.

The Dreamvision UST25-4000HDi is fully compatible with 3D contents. With the two HDMI inputs you can watch any 3D Blu-ray disc in 1080p or play video games from game consoles in 720p. The UST25-4000HDi also supports older 3D formats such as Side-by-Side or Top-and-Bottom used on the TV or with Youtube 3D videos. Just don’t forget to put your (optional) Dreamvision DLP-Link glasses on.

With the UST25-4000HDi, Dreamvision has established another milestone on the road to perfect projection.

The combination of laser technology, ultra-short throw lens, interactivity, 3D, HD resolution and high brightness had never been achieved before the Dreamvision UST25-4000HDi was released.

Space is no longer an issue, even with the situations that cannot use a regular long throw projector in the room. Thanks to Dreamvision, these places now a chance to get a superb big image. Their dream has finally come true!

Key Features of the Dreamvision UST25-4000HDi:

-The DLP 1920x1080 HD resolution.
-The 4,000 ANSI lumens light output.
-The 0.25 ultra short throw lens that can produce a big screen in the most challenging rooms.
-The multi-touch finger and pen interactivity.
-The unbelievable picture quality for an ultra-short throw projector.
-The 30,000 hours lifetime of the laser light source (eco mode), which is almost maintenance-free.
-The rich connectivity, including two HDMI inputs.
-The USB inputs, which can accommodate USB keys or USB hard disks.
-The 3D capability (FP, SbS and T&B) and DLP-Link compatibility.
-The transportability: the Dreamvision UST25-4000HDi weighs only 7 kg.

About Dreamvision
Located in Paris and led by industry pioneer Jean Claude YOUNES, this visionary French firm had its beginnings way back in 1982, being the very first company to sell video projectors on the French Market.

Since 1996, at walking distance from the world-famous Montmartre hill in Paris, Dreamvision has always been developing and refining the latest advancements in digital display technology in order to provide state-of-the-art video and audio products for Home Cinema and commercial applications.

What sets Dreamvision apart is this unique blend of latest technologies with high quality materials, attention to detail and striking European design. Today, Dreamvision is a highly respected, global brand with a worldwide distribution network.