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VMAX Dual Projection Screen Alternates HDTV and Widescreen Aspect Ratios

Press Release  |  Jul 29, 2015
VMAX Dual Series is an electric projection screen that actually contains a pair of alternating materials with either a 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The screen comes as a fully assembled, “plug & play” product. It is equipped with a full installation package including L brackets as well as a Radio Frequency remote control. A simple click of the button allows you to use whichever aspect ratio you need. It even has a wireless 12 volt trigger to coordinate your screen’s rise and drop with the projector’s power cycle. The VMAX Dual is available with a standard 1.1 gain matte white material. Sizes range from 100" (16:9) & 95" (2.35:1) to 120" (16:9) & 114" (2.35:1).

There is also a tab-tensioned matte white variant in the form of the Vmax Tab-Tension Dual projection screen.