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En route to a brighter future with the Dreamvision Siglos+ projector Series

Press Release  |  Jan 25, 2016
Paris, France – January 25th, 2016 — Dreamvision, a cutting-edge brand at the forefront of audio and video products for the residential and commercial markets, famous for its awarded UST25-4000HDi ultra-short throw projectors and B.E.S.T. Passive 3D solutions, extends its range with the Siglos+ Series, some new video-projectors with a lot more brightness, amazing performances and all the new Ultra-HD 4K features such as HDR.

Siglos+1, Siglos+2 and Siglos+3 are three high performance models that can accommodate many of the latest technologies available on the market such as 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels), High Dynamic Range (HDR), HDMI 2.0 and advanced 3D projection technologies.

The most important novelty is that the new light engine used on the Siglos+ Series can produce a much brighter image than the previous series (up to 1,900 ansi lumens: +40%). The immediate benefit is that the projector can now accommodate much wider screens and is a lot more comfortable in bright environments, such as a living room for example. Another advantage is a spectacular increase in the quality of 3D, a well known brightness-intensive feature.

Bigger screens so, but the overall picture quality keeps the same level. The stratospheric contrast ratio of the Siglos series has been maintained on these new Dreamvision Siglos+ series (up to a breathtaking 150,000:1 native contrast ratio on Siglos+3. Even better, some new features make the video performance more spectacular than ever.

First of all, unlike most competitors, the Siglos+ projectors are equipped with two 18Gbps Ultra HD HDMI 2.0a inputs. HDMI 2.0 is the future standard for video and already a requisite for 4K. As a matter of fact, the Siglos+ are compatible with the HDCP 2.2 copy protection.

The Dreamvision Siglos+ projectors indeed have a complete compatibility with all forthcoming Ultra-HD [4K] consumer video content, including 4K60 4:4:4 sources and copy-protected sources such as Ultra-HD & 4K Blu-ray players, 4K streamers, and other 4K sources.

Being able to display 4k resolution is not an end in itself, it has to be done properly. The Siglos+ can project a complete DCI-P3 wide color gamut (models 2 and 3 only). In addition to jaw-dropping clarity and detail, the Siglos+ Series also deliver more accurate color reproduction within billion color graduations for lifelike realism (12 bits/color Deep Color TM).

As a most important novelty, the Siglos+ can display High Dynamic Range pictures. When a HDR content is detected, the Siglos+ can fully exploits its exceptional contrast ratio and brighter light output while using the internal Perceptual Quantizer -SMPTE ST2084/86 EOTF- which renders a much more precise and natural image.

The 400Hz Crystal Motion ® algorithm is a new frame interpolation method which brings an immersive experience to sport, concerts, TV shows. Picture becomes dramatically realistic and three-dimensional, without motion blur or artifacts.

Obviously, the Siglos+ Series is not dedicated to watching singers or footballers only. Thanks to a new very pure optical lens, the Siglos+ Series create a new standard in dark colors rendition. When watching a movie, black is really black, but with a lot more details in the same time. The Siglos+ have been particularly engineered this way and implement Dreamvision’s new True Cinema Black IV ® enhancement.

The Dreamvision B.E.S.T. Passive 3D solution has also been spectacularly improved. The benefits of this bespoke polarization filter are numerous. First of all, the passive 3D glasses are lighter (around 10g), less expensive and more comfortable. Besides, the picture quality is spectacularly improved: more brightness, more details and more accurate colors. The spectators feel less dizziness, eye strain and headache than with active 3D solutions. Last but not least, because it does not require stacking two projectors together, the overall budget of the Dreamvision solution is much lower than with competitors’ passive 3D solutions. It works like a charm with the Super 5D screens which have been developed by Dreamvision specifically for the Siglos+ passive 3D system. You can come and see the Dreamvision Siglos+ Series on booth C85, in hall 11 at the ISE Show in Amsterdam, NL (9 - 12 February, 2016)