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Press Release  |  Jun 15, 2000

Panasonic-Exclusive BriteOptic™ Dual Lamp System Ensures Optimal Brightness, Saves On Power, Eliminates Down Time

ANAHEIM, CA (June 15, 2000) — Here at INFOCOMM 2000, Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company (Los Angeles, CA) has introduced the PT-L797 "X" Series of ultra-bright XGA projectors featuring its exclusive BriteOptic™ built-in dual lamp system to deliver stunning images, text and graphics for demanding computer and video applications.

The three "X" Series models -- the PT-L797PXU (2700 ANSI lumens), PT-797VXU (2000 ANSI lumens) and PT-L797PXUL (2700 ANSI lumens but without lens) -- offer exceptional brightness and provide crystal-clear images in any setting, from classrooms and conference rooms to auditoriums and church halls.

The PT-L797 "X" Series offers Panasonic's proprietary BriteOptic dual-lamp system that delivers the power of two high-intensity light sources through a high-precision prism. Power-saving single-lamp operation is available for a projection-friendly environment, while two-lamp operation is ideal when high brightness is needed. By maximizing light efficiency, this system assures superb brightness in all room lighting conditions. The Panasonic-exclusive system provides users much coveted peace of mind by virtually eliminating down time due to a burned out lamp.

The projectors display vibrant colors and bright, crisp images in 1024 x 768 true XGA resolution and maximum SXGA (1280 x 1024) resolution, making them workstation-compatible with full emulation. An Intelligent Image Resizing circuit is integrated for VGA/SVGA/SXGA/Mac displays, assuring smooth outlines and outstanding picture definition with all types of images, while eliminating jagged edges when displaying expanded or compressed images.

These value-packed units are fully DTV-ready, and can automatically synchronize to display 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i video in the 16:9 wide aspect ratio. All models accept input of both YPbPr component signals and are equipped with conventional RCA composite connectors to display images from sources ranging from digital video camcorders to DVD players to S-VHS/VHS VCRs. The units offer a more than 200:1 contrast ratio, weigh just 20 pounds and are stackable for double brightness (up to 5400 ANSI lumens with the PT-L797PXU and PT-L797PXUL and 4000 ANSI lumens with the PT-L797VXU).

The PT-L797 "X" Series incorporates 10-bit Digital Gamma Correction circuitry, optimizing the LCD panels' nonlinear imaging characteristics, to deliver naturally vibrant colors with smooth shading and image gradation, resulting in far superior processing than possible with conventional analog gamma processing. A 3-D comb filter facilitates exceptionally precise Y/C (luminance/chrominance) signal separation, resulting in crisp, clear images. A convenient point-and-zoom function with a 30-step digital zoom feature allows users to enlarge areas of a projected image.

Sporting a sleek design and a rugged magnesium alloy casing, these lightweight projectors offer powerful standard features including built-in 2-watt stereo amplifier and speakers for true multimedia use, a power zoom and freeze, a sizable video impose (Picture-in-Picture) and focus lens, and a remote control equipped with a one-touch auto-setup button that makes configuration of the PT-L797 projectors quick and easy. Two 160 Watt UHM lamps--each with a life expectancy of 2000 hours--provide up to five years of normal use.

The PT-L797 "X" Series supports most worldwide video standards, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM. They can be ceiling-mounted or used on a desktop, for front or rear projection on screens up to 300".

Other key features include: center-to-corner uniformity ratio (CCR) of more than 85%, RS-232C computer interface and contact closure remote terminal, S-Video compatibility, motorized retractable lens for lens protection, selectable seven-language on-screen menu, Universal AC power supply, indicators for lamp errors, thermal warning and suggested replacements, external monitor port, and a three-year warranty on the projector with 90-day warranty on both the lamps.

Delivering the same exceptional performance as the PT-L797PXU, the PT-L797PXUL comes with no lens and can be combined with an optional short-throw, medium-throw or long-throw lens for the exact performance required according to usage and operating conditions.

The PT-L797PXU, PT-L797VXU and PT-L797PXUL will be available in third quarter, 2000 at suggested list prices of $13,495, $10,995 and $13,395, respectively. Three optional lenses for the new PT-L797 "X" Series and the current PT-L797PWUL and PT-L597UL are: the ET-LE101 short-throw (wide) lens (screen size: 40"to 300", throw distance: approx. 1.0m to 11.0m); ET-LE200 medium-throw lens (screen size: 40" to 300", throw distance: approx. 2.0m to 26.6m); and ET-LE300 long-throw lens (screen size: 40" to 300", throw distance: approx. 3.7m to 35.4m). The ET-LE101 and ET-LE200 will be available in July and the ET-LE300 is now available at the same suggested list price of $2,750.