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53rd International Cannes Film Festival

Press Release  |  May 9, 2000

Renowned director Bernard Rose chooses BARCO to show the World Premiere of ivansxtc, his very first high definition movie

Cannes, France - BARCO has been selected to provide high performance display technology for the May 18th World Premiere screening of ivansxtc, a new film from one of the industry's hottest directors, Bernard Rose (Immortal Beloved, Candyman). The premiere will be held at 10:00am in the 250 seat Universal Theater at the 53rd International Cannes Film Festival as part of the Festival's Digital Symposium. The movie, which stars Danny Huston (Spanish Fly, Anna Karenina), Peter Weller (Robocop, Mighty Aphrodite), Tiffani Thiessen (Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell), and Lisa Enos (who also produced the movie and makes her acting debut) was shot entirely in HD (high definition video), and will be the very first all digital production at the Cannes Film Festival. BARCO will provide an Extreme Light Machine (ELM) R12 projector with a light output of 12,000 ANSI lumens to project the spectacular HD video images onto the large screen.

Bernard Rose, renowned British director, has directed brilliant movies such as Immortal Beloved, a disturbing epic recounting the life and lovers of Ludwig Van Beethoven, which Rose researched and wrote, and Candyman, a thriller based on Clive Barker's "The Forbidden." Rose's new movie, ivansxtc, which he also wrote, is the haunting tale of a super hot Hollywood talent agent. His fast paced, drug and alcohol induced life comes to an abrupt halt when he learns he has a terminal condition and is faced with finding meaning in his superficial world. Not only is the film riveting, but the realism of the High Definition images is captivating to the audience. "We are extremely excited about the opportunity, not only to have the World Premiere of ivansxtc at Cannes, but also to have the very first all digital screening of a movie at Cannes. BARCO's ELM R12 provides the high resolution and brightness, plus the DLP technology we need to show my HD movie," said Rose, "The movie industry is going to be overwhelmed at the HD images they will see at the screening."

BARCO will provide Rose with its Extreme Light Machine (ELM) R12 projector for the event. Equipped with high resolution Digital Light Processingä (DLPä) technology from Texas Instruments, BARCO's ELM R12 delivers 12,000 ANSI Lumens of light output. "We are honored to have been chosen to provide the projection system for this prestigious engagement," said Wendy Bosley, Market Manager for BARCO Digital Cinema. "The audience at the Cannes Film Festival is really going to be impressed with the rich image quality delivered by our ELM Series projectors."

BARCO's ELM Series projectors combine the state-of-the-art Digital Light ProcessingTM technology from Texas Instruments with BARCO's know-how in mechanics, optics, and digital image processing. The exceptional brilliance, superior video performance and ease-of-use of BARCO's ELM Series make these projectors the ideal solutions for rental, staging, digital cinema, and other large venue applications.

BARCO Background

The BARCO Group, headquartered in Kuurne, Belgium, operates five major lines of business: Projection Systems, Display Systems, Vision, Graphics, and Communications. BARCO Projection Systems is an ISO 9001 registered world leader in developing and manufacturing large screen projection systems for a broad range of applications, from entertainment, presentations and training to process control and simulation. Its U.S. subsidiary, BARCO Projection Systems America, is based in Kennesaw, Georgia.

For more information, please contact:

Ellyce Entrekin, Public Relations Manager

Tel. (770) 218-3200
Fax (770) 218-3250

Wendy Bosley, Market Manager, Digital Cinema

Tel. (770) 218-3274
Fax (770) 218-3250