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Hisense Expands its Portfolio of its Ultra-Premium Laser TV Lineup With the Introduction of the L8E and L10E Series at CEDIA 2018

Press Release  |  Sep 4, 2018

Proprietary Dual-Laser technology delivers wide color gamut imaging that distinguishes the Laser TV as the premiere big screen viewing experience

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Hisense, a leading global television and appliance manufacturer, today announced the launch of two new series of its award-winning 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV, delivering vibrant picture quality and a more immersive experience along with several new stand-out features, including Amazon Alexa functionality. The newly introduced Laser TV models offer screen sizes ranging from 88-inches to 120-inches, pulling viewers into their favorite content.

The three new Laser TV models bring the elegance and movie-like experience customers have come to expect. Regardless of the size consumers choose, the Laser TV instantly becomes the centerpiece of a home theater, delivering bright and colorful images without the need to darken the room. Unlike traditional LED screens, the Laser TV uses a reflective light source comfortable to the eyes, allowing the large screen to be viewed comfortably even when sitting as close as 10 feet. With Ultra Short Throw optics, the Laser TV is positioned inches from the wall and just below the screen, reducing the amount of living space needed to be set aside as a viewing area for a traditional home theater.

Rich Colors in a Large Format
The new L10E 4K Ultra Short Throw Dual Color Laser TV Series featuring High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut is available in 100-inches (100L10E) and 120-inches (120L10E) screen configurations. The L10E Series further enhances the picture quality and color expression experience by using blue and red laser diodes to drive stunning images onto a specially designed, ambient light rejecting, screen. The introduction of a second light source in this series of Laser TV produces the expansive DCI-P3 color gamut, unlocking a broader range of rich, radiant colors and hues with greater vibrancy which creates the ultimate picture for watching movies, TV and sports or immersing oneself in 4K HDR gaming.

"Hisense always pushes to achieve the best picture quality possible," said Kevin Cahill, Head of Laser TV Sales and Marketing at Hisense USA. "We were honored to see the exceptionally high marks reviewers gave our 100-inch (100L8D) Laser TV and are excited to expand our Laser TV lineup with our new Dual Laser Technology, offering many more customized options for the home."

Flexible Entertainment Solutions
The new L8E Series Ultra Short Throw Laser TV features an 88-inch (88L8E) premium baseline model that lowers costs but still delivers the hallmarks of innovation and eye-catching visuals that are synonymous with the Hisense Laser TV product. The reduced size offers a beautifully designed profile with greater flexibility for fitting into more viewing areas without sacrificing the ability to see a large and gorgeous display. This product is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, media rooms, etc., as well as business applications in schools, conference rooms and restaurants.

For the first time ever, Salamander Designs will be launching cabinetry designed specifically for the Hisense Laser TV. Featuring a durable and flexible aluminum support chassis, flush top surface, recessed projector cavity design, an active cooling system with built-in louvers to vent warm air and keep equipment cool, the advanced cabinet provides fast and easy access to components and wiring. It's available in various colors and finishes to suit any venue and décor and can be custom configured with rapid deployment.

"Projectors that offer unique characteristics — like Hisense's 4K Laser TVs — require special cabinets to maximize their full potential in terms of ease of use and premium design," said Salvatore Carrabba, president and founder of Salamander Designs. "We are excited to be the partner to bring this option to life and deliver a solution that complements and enhances the design and elegance of Hisense's Laser TVs."

Powerful and Smart
All of the new Laser TV models utilize the powerful Texas Instruments DLP® 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Display chip with XPR technology to deliver 8.3 million individually addressable pixels to the screen. Using TRP technology, the DLP® chip enhances Smooth Motion for fluidly, displaying action-packed scenes in films, as well as Adaptive Light Control that depicts bright colors even in a well-lit room and enhances contrast.

The Hisense Laser TV also includes a built-in TV tuner for over-the-air channel access, and a wealth of streaming apps to help cord-cutters quickly enjoy their favorite content. The easy-to-navigate Hisense Smart TV delivers a clean interface to watch content from apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon's Prime Video, Vudu, TikiLive, Pandora and others. With Amazon Alexa support, viewers can also use their voice to search for content or adjust settings.

Pricing and Availability
The full range of Hisense Laser TVs are available for presale and purchase starting at $3,799.99 at CEDIA EXPO 2018. Hisense will be at Booth 2401 and will be showcasing the newly-launched products, including its customized Salamander Design cabinetry, and offering a show-special discount. The new 100-inch and 120-inch Dual Color and 88" Laser TVs will be widely available to the CEDIA channel and at select high-end A/V retailers as well as through this Fall.

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