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I-MAG Video and CPR MultiMedia Solutions Purchase 468 Square Feet of BARCO DLite 7HR LED Wall Display

Press Release  |  Apr 3, 2000

BARCO, a world leader in large screen video and graphics display technology, will deliver 468 square feet of its DLite 7HR Daylight Display LED Wall to CPR MultiMedia Solutions & I-Mag Video, the first introduction into the United States rental market. The sale of this system is valued in excess of $2,000,000.

I-MAG Video a leading audio-visual company based in Tucson, AZ specializes in the staging of large screen video for concert tours and conferences. CPR MultiMedia Solutions, based in Washington, DC, offers the latest presentation and trade show technologies to corporate clients. Cutting edge video display products, a focus on excellence and years of experience, have made CPR Multimedia Solutions and I-MAG Video leaders in the staging market. I-MAG and CPR recently made the decision to purchase LED Technology to provide the latest cutting edge staging technology to their clients. Their years of teaming on large-scale projects and their combined geographic coverage made partnership in the LED market a logical move.

After months of research on LED technology, I-MAG and CPR made the decision to purchase 468 square feet of BARCO DLite 7HR, LED-technology. Steve Daniels, President of I-MAG Video stated, "We have been sub-renting outdoor screens for several years. There is a growing demand for LED products in the entertainment and corporate markets and we have many clients interested in them. We set out to find the state-of-the-art, and the BARCO product flat out looks better than the rest. We believe that the BARCO is the first LED wall to move seamlessly between indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, the Dlite 7HR offers the most robust system for hot module swaps and rigging, while having easily the most functional software. Jeff Studley of CPR and I did extensive research and field viewing of all the players' products and the BARCO system stands out for its engineering excellence. Couple that with BARCO being the only LED company with a true video background. The choice was simple!"

Curt Petty, Market Business Manager for BARCO's Daylight Display Systems Division, stated, "I-MAG Video and CPR MultiMedia Solutions have been leaders in the rental and staging industry for many years. I-MAG and CPR have used BARCO's high-end video projectors in staging applications for clients ranging from the Backstreet Boys to Oracle Applications Users' Group. BARCO is excited to expand its existing partnership with these industry leaders with our LED product."

BARCO's DLite Series Daylight Display Systems

BARCO's DLite 7 features an impressive light output of 5,000 uniform NITs and extremely wide viewing angles. The Dual Pixel Technology offers a visual resolution of 7mm, allowing for a smoother picture, shorter viewing distance and great performance. BARCO has included proprietary technologies to deliver perfect video and graphics performance over the entire display regardless of size, shape or resolution. The modular concept of the system guarantees optimal flexibility, seamless pictures and easy maintenance of the modules from the back and the front of the display. The built-in intelligence enables auto-configuration and allows hot swapping of tiles without interrupting the display of the pictures.

BARCO Background

The BARCO Group, headquartered in Kuurne, Belgium, operates five major lines of business: Projection Systems, Display Systems, Vision, Graphics, and Communications. BARCO Projection Systems is an ISO 9001 registered world leader in developing and manufacturing large screen projection systems for a broad range of applications, from entertainment, presentations and training to process control and simulation. Its U.S. subsidiary, BARCO Projection Systems America, is based in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Press Information:

Ellyce Entrekin, Public Relations Manager

Tel. (770) 218-3200
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Market Information:

Curt Petty, Market Business Manager, Daylight Display Systems

Tel. (770) 218-3200
Fax (770) 218-3250