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Press Release  |  Aug 29, 2000


Pordenone, Italy - August 29th 2000: SIM2 Multimedia, the leading manufacturer in home theatre applications, broadens its range of products with the introduction of two new, compact and absolutely unique projectors designed completely by SIM2 for home theatre applications, featuring the widely recognised DMDTM technology from Texas Instruments.

SIM2 has developed a new line of two products, called GRAND CINEMA, with a specific criteria in mind: innovative design, top quality characteristics, and utmost performance for a product that fulfils the requirements of the most demanding home theater enthusiast.

The DMDTM technology enabled the development of a slim, lightweight and low-noise projector with an exclusive and elegant casing. An exquisite design for a projector conceived to be the high class focal point of any decor. But that's not all. In fact, the GRAND CINEMA models are available in a rich palette that suits the most diverse interior decoration styles; from an aggressive Racing Red to the elegant Silver Blue, the fascinating Black Shadow and several others.

Among the many exceptional features, the projectors sport also a high definition zoom lens with a Long-Throw ratio that prevents the typical, but unpleasant to the eye, placement of the product between the viewer and the screen. In other words, where comfort and location are an issue, with SIM2 GRAND CINEMA line it is no longer necessary to place the projector in the middle of the ceiling or on top of the tea table near the sofa.

Also, the special "Remote Input Interface", to be placed near the video sources, provides a wide choice of input connectors. Linked to the projector through a unique special cable, it avoids the highly unaesthetic, multiple cable runs to the ceiling and dramatically eases the installation process.

n terms of image quality, SIM2 proprietary optical engine design coupled with a high performance zoom lens ensure a uniform, edge-to-edge definition image with exceptionally good colorimetry and grey scale tracking that, together with a superior contrast, closely resembles CRT projector images.

SIM2's new GRAND CINEMA line features a double keystone adjustment.: both optical and digital. The first one guarantees perfectly rectangular, artifacts-free, pure and sharp images; while the second one allows high-ceiling installations up to a maximum projector tilt of 27°. The use of high performance, state-of-the-art VLSI allow supreme quality de-interlacing and image format conversion from a wide range of sources with a screen image that speaks for itself.

Finally, this breath-taking line of products provides complete compatibility with all video sources, including High Definition ATSC with both 4:3 and 16:9 anamorphic image formats.

SIM2 will unveil these remarkable projectors at the following exhibitions, setting a new standard in home theatre projection.

  • TOP AUDIO exhibition - Quark Hotel, Milan (Italy), 14-18 September 2000
  • SALON MONDIAL SON ET IMAGE - Stand D15, Hall 6 - Paris, 15-20 September 2000
  • SUISSE HI-END 2000 - Zurich (Switzerland), 15-18 September 2000
  • PHOTOKINA Exhibition -Stand 30L, Hall 14/2 - Köln (Germany), 20-25 September 2000

Over the past years, SIM2 Multimedia has won several awards in Home Theatre applications. Now, with more than 8 different CRT projectors, two 3-chip DLP™ technology-based models, and this matchless GRAND CINEMA line, SIM2 not only delivers fidelity and expertise, but also provides the widest product selection in the category.

For additional information, please contact:
Sabrina Piga - Marketing Communications
SIM2 Multimedia S.p.A.
Viale Lino Zanussi 11 - 33170 Pordenone - Italy
Tel. +39-0434-383201 - Fax. +39-0434.383241