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Press Release  |  Jun 10, 1999

New Projector offers a host of performance features designed to optimize unit for high resolution workstation market and fixed-facility installation applications.

June 10, 1999 Orlando, FL - APTI has introduced its new AP 2000 SXGA LCD projector which offers a host of performance features designed to enhance the unit's installation flexibility and meet the requirements of users of high-end graphic and engineering workstations. The new projector is being unveiled at the Spring Infocomm conference in Orlando, Florida.

Among the new features are: a new lens shift feature; SyncWise logic for interfacing to workstation video output; higher luminosity; compatibility with HDTV and DVD standards; factory installed lens focal-length options; and native SXGA and interpolated UXGA video output. According to Mitsuo Harahata, General Manager of APTi, "the new AP 2000 is an integrators dream. It can easily be integrated into virtually any installation scenario where users require superior images, need flexibility in operational conditions and have restrictive physical installation requirements."

Foremost among the new features offered by the AP 2000 is a series of factory installed lens options which include: a standard 2.1~3.01 zoom lens; a 1.2:1 wide lens option designed to let the projector easily replace older CRT-projector installations, and a 0.85:1 super-wide lens for rear projection applications. These options are matched with the AP 2000 new lens shift option enable the projector to meet virtually any installation situation.

The lens shift feature is a proprietary mechanical design that lets users vertically shift images 100% off the center line of the lens with a simple twist of a knob. This feature also provides for automatic key-stone correction. The lens shift feature also permits stacking of the projectors to provide projected images exceeding 3000 ANSI lumens without sacrificing contrast or color quality.

The new SyncWise interfacing firmware enables the new AP 2000 to seamlessly interface with all major workstation manufacturer's video output specifications. This includes workstations from IBM, SUN, HP, SGI, and DEC, as well as many of the new Intel Processor based Workstations running Windows NT operating systems. The SyncWise feature learns and then locks onto signals automatically by setting its own internal settings to achieve a stable, optimal projection quality for any signal it receives. The AP 2000 is capable of storing configuration settings for as many as 25 individual machines.

The new AP 2000 features an integrated state-of-the-art line-quadrupler with such advanced functions as adaptive progressive conversion, 3D y-C separation filtering and outline enhancements. According to Harahata, "The new DVD and HDTV capabilities of the AP 2000 allow users to see HDTV and DVD high definition video the way their inventors intended." Harahata added, "the new projector supports all available digital television formats, including the full restoration of digitally 'squeezed' video content that is common in international DVD media. The AP 2000 allows users to display 5:4, 4:3, and 16:9 video content in either Normal, Full, or Window display modes.

With a physical display panel resolution of 1280x1024, the AP 2000 employs an intelligent image resizing algorithm to project all resolutions up to UXGA in either "resize" or "real" mode, giving the unit the ability to work with older notebook computers or professional workstations.

A new 270-Watt metal-halide bulb is a standard feature of the new AP 2000. It delivers 1600 ANSI lumens and produces crystal-clear images even in brightly lit rooms. According to Harahata, "this brighter image is made possible because of IBM's High Definition Light Valve HDLV™, technology which reflects light instead of transmitting it through grids as polysilicon engines do. The result is pixel free images that have a beautiful, film-like quality."

APTi is an eight-year old Japanese manufacturer/marketer of advanced computer peripheral products such as printers, networking products, flat panel monitors, and multimedia projectors. APTi, established in 1991 by IBM-Japan and TOSHIBA-TEC, was created from a division of IBM-Japan responsible for printer development. The firm is the manufacturer of printers that are marketed by IBM in Asia, under the IBM brand name. Additional information about APTi can be obtained from the Company's web site


Nelson Brugh
General Manager
7901 Realm Drive
San Jose, CA 95119
Tel: 408-229-8390
Fax: 408-229-8396

APTi is a registered trademark of Advanced Peripherals Technologies, Inc., HDLV and High Definition Light Valve are trademarks of IBM.