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New Liesegang Data Video Projectors

Press Release  |  Nov 3, 2000

Ed. Liesegang, one of the leading European manufacturers of projection and presentation equipment for the professional user, has presented three new data video projectors (beamers) for the first time to the public.

The new Liesegang models - dv 350 and ddv 1800 - belong to the class of well-equipped business projectors. Both machines are perfectly suited for use under daylight conditions. Their luminous power reaches stunning 1,800 ANSI lumens.

The dv 350 provides the user with the advantages of the polysilicon technology. Model ddv 1800 uses the latest DLPTM, that is Digital Light ProcessingTM technology. Picture data is processed digitally, so that the projected image shows natural colours with seamless transitions. Perfect colour convergence, high image uniformity and individual colour management add to the outstanding projection quality.

Slim, lightweight 2.9 kg and A4 footprint size, that is the new Liesegang ddv 1111. A truly ultraportable projector for the demanding user. The new machine leaves a lot of space in the luggage for the user's notebook/laptop and presentation material. 1,200 ANSI lumens image brightness allow projection under semi-daylight conditions, with images of DLPTM quality.

All new Liesegang products can be connected to PC, Apple Macintosh and the current video standards. Signal sources may be changed during presentation. Standard equipment amongst others are built-in speaker, zoom lens and infrared remote control.

Person to contact
Volker Franssen
+49 211 39 011

November 3, 2000