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Press Release  |  Feb 1, 2001

XG-V10XU Conference Series Projector Features 3800 ANSI Lumens, Remote-Control Capability, Exceptional Compatibility and Advanced Features

MAHWAH, NJ, February 1, 2001 — Sharp Electronics Corp. today introduced the XG-V10XU Conference Series projector, a noteworthy extension of Sharp's line of powerful, versatile XGA and SXGA projectors for large venues. Featuring 3800 ANSI Lumens and Sharp's unique combination of high reliability and compatibility, the XG-V10XU is ideal for large conference rooms, lecture halls and other custom professional installations.

The XGA-native XG-V10XU projector features a wide range of optional lenses, unparalleled network and video wall compatibility as well as cutting-edge video processing to sharpen image quality. The XG-V10XU's Advanced Compatibility feature allows the unit to handle a wide variety of signals, including workstations and PC resolutions up to UXGA (1600 x 1200), Macintosh, DTV (480i/480p/720p/1080i) and video (NTSC/PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM). In addition, the XG-V10XU comes fully equipped with control software for gamma correction, diagnostic and remote access, allowing customers to control critical projector parameters and operating status.

The XG-V10XU is the most recent Sharp innovation for the large venue market, where Sharp pioneered the mid-priced, high-quality LCD for universities, hotels, large conference rooms, houses of worship and other high-capacity environments. The Conference Series projectors are designed to meet the needs of design & build companies, systems integrators and consultants whose customers require powerful, highly functional and easy-to-use projectors at a reasonable cost.

"The XG-V10XU offers organizations serving large venue customers an exciting new option – a high power, cost-effective projector that features the latest in network capability, reliability and flexibility," said John Givelis, large-venue projector product manager, Sharp Professional LCD Products Division. "This unit was designed with an unprecedented array of advanced features, including remote-access capability, multiple inputs and cutting-edge control software. In essence, we offer our high-end customers the power and reliability they desire at a price that is significantly lower than competitive units."

Remote Access and Control Software

Sharp's Advanced Presentation Software (S.A.P.S.), built into the XG-V10XU, allows one or more projectors to be connected to a PC for remote diagnostics, control and stacking/video wall capability. S.A.P.S is designed to locate and self-diagnose system errors, instantly sending an alert to the control PC or forwarding error message emails to a predetermined list, expediting necessary maintenance and minimizing XG-V10XU downtime. The software can also be easily configured to immediately alert on-site maintenance engineers, allowing them to service the XG-V10XU before their customers become aware of service issues.

S.A.P.S. lets users daisy-chain the projector to up to 250 other XG-V10XUs, which simultaneously saves space and lowers cost. Using the RS-232C or RS-422 connections, one PC can control the entire group of projectors by connecting to a single projector in the daisy-chain.

With S.A.P.S. acting as a complete control/monitoring center, a set of projectors can be easily configured to stack or to be used in video wall applications. In video wall applications, the software assigns each daisy-chained projector a picture segment, eliminating the need for a costly picture division processor.

Ultra-High Brightness

The XG-V10XU delivers a brightness of 3800 ANSI lumens, powered by two UHP lamps and three 1.8-inch LCD panels. The XG-V10XU can operate with one, two or alternating lamps, extending lamp life and allowing network control centers to continually operate the XG-V10XU without concern for lamp failure. The XG-V10XU's light output remains uniform in all configurations thanks to the unit's built-in Maximum Output Light Prism.

Multiple Inputs and Control Options

The XG-V10XU features up to six inputs, including two RGB inputs, two video inputs capable of displaying composite, S-video or component video, and one digital video interface (DVI-I). The XG-V10XU is also equipped with video over data picture-in-picture capability, ideal for video conferencing applications. The XG-V10XU's expansion port allows a Serial Digital Interface (SDI) board to be added for input from standard broadcast signals.

The XG-V10XU comes with an expansion board to allow additional options for advanced control inputs. Projectors can be connected up to 3,900 feet away using the RS-422 expansion board, and the LAN expansion board offers a 10BaseT connection for linking projectors across a network.

Unparalleled XGA Image Quality

The XG-V10XU's ImageACE Plus processing chip resizes, smoothes and scales images from different sources, employing sophisticated techniques to eliminate jagged and blurred lines that may result from video and enlarged/compressed images. The unit also can be equipped with six interchangeable lenses to easily meet any installation demands – from a rear-projection lens for a conference room to a long-throw lens for a large auditorium.

The XG-V10XU's LCD panels are designed with on-chip spacers to prevent panel bending that can result in dispersed light output. Sharp also implements a 3-D image uniformity process during production to ensure uniform output for every unit.


The Sharp PresenterPAK is built into the unit to giving presenters enhanced presentation options and make setup and image adjustments both simple and quick.

A number of automatic and manual image-adjustment features let presenters tune the image to ensure the best-looking presentations. For example, Sharp's autoSYNC automatically adjusts computer images without having to access the projector's menu system. The unit's one-touch gamma correction button can easily adjust the color shifts that arise from using different image sources during a presentation. The XG-V10XU's motorized lens shift minimizes keystoning in critical installations, making the projector uniquely adaptable to sophisticated conference room or auditorium settings.

The XG-V10XU is available now through Sharp's authorized dealer network at a list price of $17,995, plus the cost of the lens. Lenses range in price from $2,999 to $9,399.

Sharp offers a full line of projectors, monitors and professional video equipment for purchase, lease or rental through its national network of authorized dealers.

For more information please contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Professional LCD Products Division, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2135, or dial 1-888-GO-SHARP (1-888-467-4277); Fax: 201-529-9636; or Faxback for product information: 201-512-2380. For online product information, visit Sharp's LCD Products Group Website at Email:

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