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New products will extend leadership of DLP technology

Press Release  |  May 18, 2001

Next generation of projectors will be lighter, brighter, smaller, cheaper

Dallas, Texas - May 18th, 2001: Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced several new products in support of its goal to extend the leadership enjoyed by DLPTM technology in enabling projector manufacturers to design and develop the world's smallest and brightest projectors with the best image quality. The products are:

  • New versions of the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) which is at the heart of DLPTM technology,
  • The DDP1000 DMD Controller, which handles digital information
  • The DAD1000 Waveform Generator which handles analog functions, and
  • DLP ComposerTM software development tool.

    The DDP1000 and DAD1000 are ASICs which leverage TI's leadership in designing and manufacturing mixed signal processing products, in which analog and digital processing are integrated into a single package. The three new devices will be available to TI OEMs for limited production as a Component Set beginning late this year. The DLP ComposerTM software tool suite is in beta test now and will be released in support of product designs early this summer.

    "These exciting announcements are further evidence of our commitment to positioning DLP technology as the technology of choice for projector manufacturers," said Dennis Fritsche, Product Manager for Business Products at TI's DLPTM Products division. "At Infocomm next month, we expect visitors to be amazed that DLP technology has enabled yet another significant advance in projector design, allowing solutions to be developed that weigh 30% less than today's lightest projectors - which are also uniquely enabled by DLP technology."


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    Texas Instruments

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