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Press Release  |  Jun 13, 2001

Super Contrast and High Brightness Ideal for a wide range of Applications

Las Vegas, NV (INFOCOMM, June 13 - 15, 2001) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced two exciting new additions to its lineup of large venue D-ILA-based projectors, the DLA-M5000SC "SuperContrast" D-ILA projector and the DLA-M5000L general purpose projector. These powerful large-venue projectors are ideal for digital cinema, staging/rental, post production and digital dailies screening installation, and HDTV applications such as theme parks, museums and other specialized applications requiring high-resolution imaging.

The supercontrast model (DLA-M5000SC) offers true S-XGA resolution, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and superb brightness of 5000 ANSI lumens, making it the ideal unit for digital cinema applications. Incorporating JVC's breakthrough D-ILA chip technology, the DLA-M5000SC delivers unprecedented sharpness and clarity on screens up to 25 feet across.

The DLA-M5000SC projector boasts rugged design for easy installation virtually anywhere, and is capable of being "double stacked" for added light output or for screens larger than 25 feet. Previewed at NAB 2001 and now available, JVC's new DLA-M5000SC projector offers a superb 1,365 x 1,024 native resolution for true SXGA display without compression.

DLA-M5000L Projector Adds Versatility to the Line

In addition to the DLA-M5000SC, JVC is pleased to announce a more economical sister unit, the DLA-M5000L, a super bright, 5,000 lumen D-ILA projector that is perfect for large venue graphic display applications. This full-featured unit offers all of the superb benefits of the DLA-M5000SC at a price that will make it attractive to owners of large auditoriums, training facilities and lecture halls.

Three types of optional projection lenses with motorized shift are available on both the DLA-M5000SC and the DLA-M5000L; 3:1 to 7:1 zoom, 1.5:1 fixed or 1:1 fixed.

Proprietary D-ILATM Technology

The D-ILA device, JVC's own development, is a unique 0.9" diagonal reflective CMOS chip which is addressed digitally by the source signal. Packing 1.4 million pixels onto the chip with a tiny 13.5 micron pitch between pixels produces a very smooth, silky image. By minimizing the space between pixels, the D-ILA's high-density structure and extra-high aperture ratio of 93% effectively eliminates stripe noise and produces crisp, clear images from edge to edge with well-defined details and vivid, true-to-life colors. The driving IC substrate is located behind the liquid crystal layer, making it possible to achieve much higher levels of brightness and resolution than with conventional devices.

Another advantage of the D-ILA device is the vertical alignment ("homeotropic" structure) of the liquid crystal layer. This ensures that projected images have extra-high contrast and makes it possible to accurately reproduce even subtle gradation differences between the lighter and darker parts of the projected image.

High-resolution photos, press releases and color brochures are available on the Web at JVC's Media Resource Page:

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of presentation, broadcast and professional equipment. For additional information about JVC's presentation products, please contact JVC at 1-800-JVC-5825, or Barbara Brown of R&J at 973-331-1070, or visit JVC's Web site at

D-ILA is a registered trademark of The Victor Company of Japan Ltd.