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Press Release  |  Jun 13, 2001

New DLA-M2000SC and DLA-M2000L projectors use JVC's optical engine to deliver true S-XGA resolution and high brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens in a DTV-compatible package

Las Vegas, NV (Infocomm, June 13 - 15, 2001) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is pleased to announce two new D-ILA projectors specifically designed to meet the needs of large audiences in the corporate, education and digital cinema marketplaces.

With the new DLA-M2000L and DLA-M2000SC, JVC has successfully packed stunning, true S-XGA performance into a relatively lightweight (35 lbs.) projector with a small footprint. Using JVC's exclusive, patented D-ILA device, these projectors deliver resolution as high as 1365 x 1024 pixels, and therefore can display all the details of an S-XGA (1280 x 1024 pixels) image without scaling or loss of quality.

Designed for boardrooms, auditoriums and large gatherings, the DLA-M2000L and DLA-M2000SC generate 2,000 ANSI lumens, making them powerful presentation tools which generate images that can be seen from long distances and in brightly lit environments. JVC offers four optional lenses for a wide range of front, rear and stacking applications in each projector.

Available in standard or high contrast models

JVC's DLA-M2000LU provides an affordable solution for users who want to have a future-ready projection system in place to meet the growing demand for S-XGA resolution. The DLA-M2000SC is an upgraded model which is ready to meet more demanding applications where higher contrast is required.

Boasting a super high contrast ratio of 600:1, the new DLA-M2000SC projector is ideal for staging/rental, digital cinema and HDTV applications such as museums, laboratory and medical installations, or any other specialized application requiring high-resolution imaging.

Powered by JVC's D-ILA Device

The DLA-M2000L and DLA-M2000SC projectors use JVC's exclusive D-ILA™ chip technology. The device packs 1.4 million pixels onto a tiny 0.9" (diagonal) chip to make the system fully compatible with S-XGA resolution. The technology virtually eliminates pixel gaps and, as a result, achieves the highest fill factor (93%) of any matrix-display device and provides a very smooth image without annoying "grid" or "screen door" effects.

JVC's proprietary adaptive DPC (digital pixel conversion) technology ensures smooth, artifact-free image reproduction regardless of the input signal resolution. Both projectors offer variable-scanning capability to cover a horizontal scanning frequency ranging up to 105 kHz, making them ready for almost any input signal, including UXGA. An advanced color enhancer compensates for color contours, ensuring crisper and sharper video pictures. These features are combined with the projector's compatibility with DTV formats.

Both the DLA-M2000L and the DLA-M2000SC offer many easy-to-use features, including digital keystone correction, 16x digital zoom, freeze function and 40 channel presets for automatic and specialized setups.

A powerful 550 watt xenon lamp provides outstanding brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens. Yet with all of this performance, these projectors are compact. The DLA-M2000L and DLA-M-2000SC measure 19.9" x 10.4" x 15.5" (W x H x D), excluding lens.

"JVC's DLA-M2000SC brings high brightness, high contrast to large auditorium settings where digitally created content such as DTV programming or motion pictures will be shown. The DLA-M2000L offers superior S-XGA performance at a very compelling price," said Juan Martinez, National Product Marketing Manager. "With these two offerings in the DLA-M2000 family, JVC can provide the ideal tool for a broad spectrum of end users, particularly as the computer, presentation and motion picture industries converge and the capability to handle higher-resolution graphics increases in importance. JVC expects to see high demand for these D-ILA projectors in universities, teaching hospitals as well as corporate settings."

Price and Availability

The DLA-M2000L is currently available at a manufacturer's suggested list price of $16,995, less lens.

The DLA-M2000SC will be available in August at a manufacturer's suggested list price of $19,995.

High-resolution photos and color brochures are available on the Web at JVC's Media Resource Page:

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment. For more information about products from the Digital Systems Division, contact JVC at (800) 582-5825, or Barbara Brown of R&J at 973-331-1070, or visit JVC's Web site at