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Press Release  |  Jun 13, 2001

Projects Dazzling Images with Smooth, Natural Colors and Vivid Details

Las Vegas, NV (INFOCOMM, June 13 - 15, 2001) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is introducing the DLA-G150HT "CineLine" projector, specifically for screening room, production, post production environments and upscale home theater. It is the first in JVC's CineLine projector series, a line of specially optimized products for Digital Cinema applications.

Based on JVC's award-winning D-ILA high-resolution projection technology, the DLA-G150HT sets new standards in small theater projection for critical screening room use. Because of its precision picture rendition, it is capable of delivering a theatrical experience that rivals that of a traditional motion picture theater.

The key to the DLA-G150HT's outstanding digital cinema performance is JVC's clever integration of its D-ILA projection engine with a digital processing system that optimizes gray scale and gamma levels for cinema performance.

Gray scale color tracking is set at the professional NTSC D-6500 to accurately reproduce video, television and DVD images. The DLA-G150HT is the only projector in its class to achieve this critical D-6500 standard. JVC has applied its unique "Video Gamma Profile," whereby black level and color temperature are optimized to track throughout the full gamma range delivering a more accurate "film-like" viewing experience displaying the most subtle shade nuances even in the blacks. The projector boasts a remarkable 600:1 contrast ratio, and an optimum 1000 ANSI lumen brightness, ideal for screens 6 to 12 feet wide.

High definition HDTV images are sharp and crisp with enhanced depth and superior clarity because of the projector's S-XGA (1365 x 1024) native resolution. The DLA-G150HT is equipped with a xenon lamp for a warmer, more natural light, enabling true-to-life color reproduction that comes strikingly close to matching the look of 35mm film projected in a movie theater. The DLA-G150HT is FCC Class B certified.

"With the DLA-G150HT and our new CineLine, JVC is delivering on the promise of a digital theater experience comparable to that of a traditional motion picture theater," noted Jack Faiman, Vice President of JVC's Digital Systems Division. "This is the best home theater projector available in the market -- bar none. The DLA-G150HT will be in great demand in the most critical screening rooms and upscale home theater installations.

Flexible Set-up Options for Easy Installation

The DLA-G150HT offers unbeatable installation flexibility with its zoom lens and digital keystone correction function. Most users will want to permanently mount the DLA-G150HT to a ceiling or back wall, but this versatile performer is just as at home as a tabletop projector. With a sensitivity to the full home theater experience, the DLA-G150HT was designed for low operating noise and quieter fans.

Screen aspect ratio can be switched between 4:3 and 16:9 with the touch of one button on the easy to use wireless remote control. The DLA-G150HT can be connected directly to various source devices including computers, VCR, DVD player or HDTV equipment. The DLA-G150HT is fully DTV ready, and is capable of displaying most DTV digital broadcast signals, including 480i, 480P, 720P, 1080/60i, 50i and 24 segmented frame progressive signals.

Available Only Through Authorized CineLine Dealers

To showcase its commitment to this exploding Digital Cinema Theater marketplace, JVC has established an entirely new classification of dealers for its CineLine products. Each certified and authorized CineLine dealer must meet a strict set of requirements and demonstrate a discerning understanding of the nuance of the subtle yet critical differences and challenges of Digital Cinema.

Full-length press releases and high-resolution photos and color brochures are available on the Web at JVC's Media Resource Page:

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of presentation, broadcast and professional equipment. For additional information about JVC's DLA-G150HT or any of JVC's products, please contact at JVC, at 1-800-JVC-5825, or Barbara Brown of R&J at 973-331-1070, or visit JVC's Web site at

D-ILA is a registered trademark of The Victor Company of Japan Ltd.