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Sony adds New 50-Inch XGA LCD Rear Projection Display

Press Release  |  Feb 22, 1999

New Display Combines the Highest Resolution for Data with the Best Quality Video Playback

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 22, 1999 -- Sony (SNE) today announced that the latest addition to its KL series of Poly Silicon Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) presentation monitors, the Sony Multiscan(R) X9200 LCD Rear Projection Display, will be available beginning in March.

The introduction of this new 50-inch (50-inch viewable image size) display strengthens Sony's presentation and display line-up by offering customers complete display solutions ranging from CRT and professional flat panel monitors, to LCD and CRT projectors. The unit further demonstrates Sony's commitment to transform the presentation display marketplace by offering customers a versatile display with a variety of unique usage possibilities.

The Multiscan X9200 display was developed for use as a computer or video presentation monitor in boardrooms and other exhibition-type environments. The display produces very crisp, uniformly bright, high-resolution images over a 50-inch screen. Despite the KL-X9200U's relatively large screen size, the unit, measures just 24-inches deep, and just over 106-pounds, making it ideal for applications where size or portability is an issue.

The display uses three new Sony-developed 1.3 inch poly-silicon TFT LCD panels within its optical system to provide true XGA resolution (1024 x 768). A built-in scan converter accepts data signals from VGA to SXGA, and processes all mainstream video signal formats worldwide (PAL, SECAM and NTSC). The KL-X9200U's ability to accept computer and video signals from a variety of sources (RGB, Component Video, S Video), makes it an extremely versatile presentation display.

"The introduction of the Multiscan X9200 display expands Sony's current line and solidifies our market position," said Lloyd Klarke, manager of Advanced Displays for the Information Technologies Marketing Division (ITMD) of Sony Electronics. "We can now offer our customers a complete line of presentation and display solutions ranging in screen size from a 15-inch CRT monitor (14-inch viewable image size), to a 50-inch projection system."

Since boardrooms and exhibition stands often represent showcases for companies, the X9200 was designed to provide customers with the high-end performance capabilities they require in a consumer-friendly design - compact, lightweight and very stylish. The display is very versatile, equally capable of being used for computer-generated presentations or for full-motion video streams from any source.

With the introduction of the KL-X9200U as an addition to the KL-W7000 37-inch (36.3-inch viewable image size) and KL-W9000 50-inch (49.1-inch viewable image size) LCD Rear Projectors, Sony is now able to provide a complete array of "Plug and Present(TM)" display solutions. The advanced engineering of these displays ensure that image quality and brightness are maintained across the entire screen, avoiding the shadows and dimness exhibited by other large-screen display technologies.

The complete line of KL displays feature Sony's exclusive all-in-one optical system, which combines the light and image producing elements into one compact, stationary unit, minimizing convergence issues often associated with CRT based display systems. This design helps to ensure enhanced image clarity and focus, and eliminates the need for convergence adjustments.


Sony KL-X9200U Display

Other unique features of this display include:

-- Plug and Present(TM) technology
      -permits users to literally plug in the display and use immediately

-- 1.3-inch XGA LCD panels
      -three Poly-Si TFT LCD panels provide over 2.3 million pixels of resolution
      -unlike large screen CRTs, it is not affected by magnetic fields

-- Linear Array Processor (LAP) technology
      -provides NTSC and RGB (VGA to SXGA) compatibility
      -remaps input image to fit full screen with minimum of quality deterioration
      -protects valuable data, maximizes use of screen size

-- Built-in 3D Comb Filter
      -provides superb color and detail reproduction

-- Multiple inputs
      -make PC or video connections quick and easy
      -individual front and rear terminals for maximum convenience and flexibility

-- All-in-one optical system
      -unaffected by shipping or magnetic fields
      -no convergence or focus adjustment is required

-- High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp
      -long life, lasts an average of 6,000 hours
      -short beam arc, 1.4mm, resulting in precise parallel light beams
      -excellent color spectrum
      -low power consumption (100W)
      -compact, all-in-one design means easy and safe user replacement

-- True 50-inch screen and powerful speaker system
      -50-inch display provides 50-inches of viewable image size
      -hi-fi stereo audio quality

-- Three control options
      -by using either the buttons on the set, the simple and easy to use remote control (included) or via the Control S terminal

Pricing & Product Availability

Sony's KL-X9200U LCD Rear Projection Display will be available in early March through select resellers and distributors at an estimated selling price of $9,999.00(a).

Service & Support

Sony's KL-X9200U LCD Rear Projection display comes with a full one-year limited warranty on parts, labor and the lens system. Special service options, such as Sony's Display Loaner Program, and Sony Express Exchange, are also available to select corporate customers.

Sony Information Technologies Marketing Division Background: Based in San Jose, the Information Technologies Marketing Division (ITMD) of Sony Electronics markets branded computer products, including VAIO(R) computers, Trinitron(R) displays, digital still cameras and other multimedia products through distributors, resellers and consumer retailers. For additional information about Sony display products, call 1-888-4SONYPC, or visit Sony's World Wide Web at: To order Sony VAIO computer and peripheral products directly from Sony VAIO DirectSM, call (888) 315-SONY.


(a)Estimated U.S. retail selling price. Actual price may vary.


CONTACT: Sony Electronics Inc.
Claudine Mangano, 408/955-5109


Technology Solutions, Inc.
Mark Priscaro, 408/280-6000, ext. 223

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