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Press Release  |  Sep 7, 2001

-- New Projector Features DLP Technology, Faroudja Video Processors and A Host of Advanced Technologies for State-of-the-Art Image Quality --

ITASCA, IL, September 7, 2001— At CEDIA 2001, Marantz America is debuting its most advanced video projector ever—the new VP-12S1 Projector, based on DLP technology. The VP-12S1 incorporates numerous leading-edge technologies to achieve a new benchmark in DLP image quality, such as state-of-the-art Faroudja digital video processing circuitry, a high-definition 1280 x 720 pixel panel and newly developed Minolta custom optics. The VP12-S1 delivers remarkable projector performance, with a 1200:1 contrast ratio, 700 ANSI lumens brightness, progressive scan output with 3:2 pulldown detection, ultra-quiet operation and many additional enhancements.

Ultimate High-Definition Projector Performance

The Marantz VP-12S1 is engineered to deliver ultimate image quality in every respect. The projector utilizes Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing technology in conjunction with a high-definition 1280 x 720 pixel panel and ultra-high-quality Minolta optics optimized for the VP-12S1, to produce images with extraordinary resolution, brightness and contrast. The optics and mechanism are double-sealed to keep out dust, prevent light leakage and eliminate the "halo" effect that can degrade image quality in conventional projectors.

Because DLP technology is a digital system rather than the analog system used in other types of projectors, a signal from a digital video source such as a DVD player remains digital through the entire video chain without conversion to analog at the projector.

The VP-12S1 utilizes the Sage Inc. FL19200 chipset, which incorporates patented Faroudja DCDi Directional Correlation Deinterlacing technology, plus video decoding and enhancement technologies to deliver unsurpassed image quality from any video source.

The DCDi circuit eliminates motion artifacts such as jagged edges seen on moving angled lines in video images, when converting standard interlaced video signals to progressive scan output. The video decoder accepts digitized composite or S-video inputs and generates decoded luminance and chroma signals using Faroudja's patented 2-D adaptive comb filtering technology, providing far better performance for moving images than standard comb filtering and also stabilizing the image output from poor-quality video sources such as low-cost VCRs. The video enhancer provides a number of benefits including improved fine detail, image texture and edge sharpness, to create a more realistic, high-definition-like picture.

The VP12-S1 is compatible with virtually every digital and analog video program source, and can operate in either native progressive scan mode or upconvert video sources, depending on the signal source. The VP-12S1 can display a native 480p or 720p progressive scan image from a DVD-Video player, HDTV set-top box or computer up to XGA resolution, or an upconverted image from any NTSC source, as well as 480i and 1080i images. The VP-12S1 includes HD component video, component video, S-video and composite video connections as well as analog RGB computer inputs, and an IEEE 1394 input for digital video (DV) camera playback. The Marantz VP-12S1 offers a wealth of operational and convenience features for total viewing flexibility in high-end home theater environments and custom installations. The projector can be optimized to display both 16:9 widescreen or standard 4:3 aspect ratios, and features three viewing modes—Theater, Standard and Dynamic for maximum big-picture enjoyment. The VP-12S1's Lens Shift feature enables the image to be shifted up or down and projected through the upper or lower portion of the lens; this function and its horizontal keystone correction enables the VP-12S1 to achieve correct picture geometry if the projector is not mounted exactly parallel to the screen. The Marantz VP-12S1 is calibrated to three color temperatures including correct NTSC 6500 color temperature, and it also features selectable black level adjustment to achieve optimum image quality with any video source.

The VP-12S1 includes remote in/out, an RS232C control port and two DC trigger connections for integrated operation in a custom installation that can trigger two different operations—for example, the VP-12S1 can be set to reconfigure a dual-aspect ratio projection screen whenever the aspect ratio of the program source changes from 16:9 to 4:3. All functions are accessible via the VP-12S1's remote control and advanced on-screen menu.

The Marantz VP-12S1 will be available November 2001 at a suggested retail price of $12,499.00. Marantz America is committed to upholding the tradition of technological superiority initiated by founder Saul Marantz over forty-five years ago. In keeping with this emphasis on quality, Marantz audio and video components are carried only by the nation's premier independent audio/video specialty retailers.

About Texas Instruments

Today, TI supplies DLP subsystems to more than thirty of the world's top projector manufacturers, who then design, manufacture and market projectors based on DLP technology. There are now over fifty products based on DLP technology in the market. Since early 1996, over 750,000 DLP subsystems have been shipped. Over the past four years, DLP technology-based projectors have consistently won some of the audio-visual industry's most prestigious awards, including, in June 1998, an Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

At the heart of TI's Digital Light Processing technology is the Digital Micromirror Device optical semiconductor chip. The DMD switch has an array of up to 1,310,000 hinged, microscopic mirrors which operate as optical switches to create a high resolution, full color image. For more information, please visit

Texas Instruments Incorporated is the world leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies, the semiconductor engines of the Internet age. The company's businesses also include sensors and controls, and educational and productivity solutions. TI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has manufacturing or sales operations in more than 25 countries.

Texas Instruments is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TXN. More information is located on the World Wide Web at

Digital Light Processing and DLP are trademarks of Texas Instruments.

About Sage, Inc.

Headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., Sage Inc. (Nasdaq:SAGI) is a leading provider of digital display processors, enabling superior picture quality for a variety of consumer technology and PC-display products ranging from web appliances to TVs and flat panel monitors. Leveraging Emmy-award winning Faroudja technology from its acquisition of Faroudja Inc., Sage is developing products that bring the home theater experience to the mass consumer and PC-display market through digitally enhanced television, projection displays, DVD players and internet appliances. The Company's systems-on-a-chip technology provides highly integrated mixed signal and system functionality with higher picture quality than lower-quality processors at a similar component cost. Sage's display processors, which include Faroudja video processing technology, are used by world-renowned consumer electronics manufacturers such as Compaq, Fujitsu, Hyundai, InFocus, LG, NEC, Philips, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony and Toshiba. More information about Sage can be found on its web site at; the Company may be contacted directly at (408) 383-5300.

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