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Press Release  |  Nov 12, 2001

TriDigital HD10K Gives Users the Clarity of Digital and the Look of Film Making it Ideal for Entertainment Venues, Screening Rooms and Postproduction Facilities

Itasca, Ill., November 12, 2001 — NEC Technologies today introduced its new TriDigital HD10K High Definition (HD) Cinema Projector, the brightest SXGA High Light Output (HLO) projection system to date incorporating NEC's exclusive TriDigital Image Processing film decoding technology.

The TriDigital HD10K is designed to be an ideal solution for medium to large screens (up to 45 feet) in entertainment venues, screening rooms, and postproduction facilities. It joins the XT5000DC and SX6000DC as the latest in NEC Technologies' line of HD Cinema Projectors. The TriDigital HD10K utilizes .9-inch 3-chip Digital Light Processing (DLP) mirror technology from Texas Instruments, which enables a smaller size and weight than other projectors in its class. The HD10K also integrates easily with existing systems. In addition, NEC Technologies offers site personnel training for projector operation and maintenance, allowing for a smooth transition to HD projection.

The HD10K's input flexibility guarantees compatibility with virtually every type of signal source. It features PanelLink digital connection interface for the cleanest, artifact-free computer connection possible, as well as SDI—serial digital interface. Thus, everything from video, component video and satellite to the highest resolution digital, computer and HDTV sources are easily displayed on the HD10K in the way the content creator or the post artist intended.

"The HD10K's unrivaled input flexibility enables it to handle virtually any entertainment venue or postproduction application," said Steve Jackson, director of product development for Visual Systems at NEC Technologies. "This flexibility allows venue owners to use the projector not only for film-based entertainment, but also for alternative entertainment or corporate events when the theaters are unused. Its multiple inputs ensure that the projector will not be easily obsolesced due to emerging standards, making it a long-term, all-in-one solution for entertainment venues, studios and post production facilities."

TriDigital Image Processing Technology NEC's exclusive TriDigital Image Processing uses three key steps to optimally decode film transfer material for digital projection. The ColorBit™ Pre-Processor decodes incoming signals. Then the Deep BlackBit™ Decoder extracts the maximum dynamic range of the original filmed image to produce deep, dark blacks that exhibit the contrast and detail of the original film material. Lastly, the Wide ColorBit Post-Processor manufactures an image that overcomes the RGB characteristics of the projector. This step is crucial because film is not an RGB medium, but instead is composed of dye particulates suspended in an emulsion that interact with the light from a traditional mechanical projector. "This is the essence of the look and feel of film," explained Jackson, who added that the TriDigital Image Processing technology strives to duplicate the "age-old" mechanical and optical/light interaction of film within the "new-age" digital domain.


The HD10K is now available directly through NEC Technologies at a list price of $94,995. For more information about the HD10K, please call (630) 467-4740, send an email to or consult the Web site at

NEC Technologies Visual Systems

NEC Technologies Visual Systems markets, sells and supports unlimited large screen presentation solutions including DLP- and LCD-based field, facility and large venue projection systems as well as PlasmaSync plasma monitors designed specifically for the unique needs of the public display and multimedia presentation environments. NEC Technologies, Inc. is an affiliate of NEC Corporation.

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