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Press Release  |  Apr 23, 2001

- Four New Modules Designed for Use in Christie Digital Projectors -

Kitchener, Ontario - (April 23, 2001) - Christie Digital Systems, a pioneer in high performance projection, announces four optional digital modules for use in all its DLP™ projectors. These customized and in-house designed modules allow projectors to display the richest of digital sources with complete optimization for DVD, HDTV and digital PC sources. Regardless of the digital source, Christie Digital's projectors and modules are fully equipped to enhance the image quality to previously unimagined levels.

Digital modules are sold for use in all of Christie Digital's Mirage, DX, Roadie, Roadster and Vista product lines. The four modules include:

Serial Digital Input (SDI) - a digital board compatible with SMPTE 259M standard for digital NTSC and digital PAL sources. The SDI module requires one cable input and offers two BNC connectors allowing for active loop through for multiple projector set-ups.

Digital HDTV Input Module - a digital board compatible with all existing digital HDTV sources offering a serial input and two BNC connectors. This module eliminates a need for a digital/analog converter between HDTV sources and the projector allowing for a direct source-to-display connection. This direct link provides an image free of artifacts or noise.

Digital Visual Interface/Digital Flat Panel (DVI/DFP) - this module supports digital RGB formats for PCs. With this module the adjustment of pixel phase and pixel tracking are no longer required which reduces the set-up time. Digital images are accurate and crisp.

10-Bit Advanced Digital Processing (ADP) - mounted on top of the existing Image Processing Module (IPM) main board, the ADP is unique in the industry and the only module to offer a 10-bit color resolution for each RGB color, thus, reproducing 1 billion true colors. The ADP module is compatible with all STV and HDTV (analog and digital) formats. This module is designed to eliminate motion artifacts and noise. The interlaced STV and HDTV inputs are converted to progressive formats by utilizing proprietary motion and edge adaptive de-interlacing algorithms. Another advantage of the ADP module is the high quality resizing filters and specially-designed color space converters to address the difference in color spaces between HDTV, NTSC and PAL sources. The color space converters allow for colors to be presented as they were originally intended. The marked difference of this module is especially beneficial to broadcasting and post-production where true image representation is critical. The ADP module allows for the highest accurate image without artifacts and noise while producing ultra high color resolution.

All modules are sold separately from the projectors and can be ordered through Christie Digital's customer service department.

NAB Details

Stop by booth #M9624 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show to see these boards on display and in action from April 23rd to April 26th, 2001, inclusive. Details on NAB can be found at

About Christie Digital Systems

Christie Digital Systems, Inc. is a world leader in high-performance projection solutions for cinema, control rooms, rental staging, 3D, immersive environments, meeting rooms, conference rooms and fixed installation environments. Christie Digital Systems has more than 70 years expertise in providing film projection technology to the cinema industry and more than 25,000 large screen projection solutions installed worldwide. They are the first DLP Cinema™ licensee to play a leading role in the development of digital cinema projection. Christie Digital is an Academy Award recipient for its gearless projectors and has received numerous industry-specific awards for DigiPro™, the world's first DLP Cinema projector and the Roadie, the world's first purpose-built rental staging projector. Christie Digital Systems is a jointly-owned subsidiary of Ushio America, Inc. and Ushio, Inc. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

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For more information, please contact:

Dorina Belu
Christie Digital Systems
(519) 749-3323

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