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Press Release  |  Apr 19, 2001

The World's Brightest 3D Projectors Fully Support Stereo3D™ Visualization

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. and KITCHENER, Ontario, April 19, 2001 - StereoGraphics® Corporation, the world's leading supplier of stereoscopic visualization products, and Christie Digital Systems, Inc., a leader in high-performance projection solutions, today announced an agreement under which Christie Digital Systems and StereoGraphics Corporation will co- develop a controller module that will "plug in" to Christie Digital's new Mirage 3D projectors. This new module will provide support for both active and passive stereoscopic viewing eyewear. The electronics will be designed using StereoGraphics Stereo3D technology and supported by Christie Digital's Mirage Core technology and will be optimized for StereoGraphics ZScreens® and CrystalEyes® emitters. The new controller will provide a complete solution that will enable users to view stereoscopic 3D images with active LC shutter glasses or with passive polarized eyewear. The controller will be manufactured by StereoGraphics and Christie Digital will offer it as an option for the new Mirage product line.

"Until now, customers wanting to project stereoscopic images have had access only to CRT projectors which offer limited levels of brightness. Now, the Mirage projectors offer an ideal solution: with up to 10,000 lumens and high frame rates. By including StereoGraphics Corporation's Stereo3D technology inside the projector, we will offer true support for active and passive eyewear and provide the user a plug and play solution for viewing the best possible stereoscopic images," says Rocco Fondacaro, vice president of marketing, Christie Digital Systems.

The Christie Digital Mirage series of DLP™ projectors utilize the Digital Micromirror Device™ optical switch to offer brightness at an order of magnitude better than CRT technology. The Stereo3D controller can drive either a Projection ZScreen panel which mounts directly onto the projector lens, allowing customers to view stereoscopic images by wearing very lightweight polarized glasses, or will drive StereoGraphics Corporation's current long-range emitters, which supply the sync signals for CrystalEyes active liquid crystal shutter eyewear. In both cases, the Mirage series projectors offer brilliant stereoscopic images.

"With the introduction of DMD™ technology, a noteworthy improvement in the projection of stereoscopic moving images is taking place," says Lenny Lipton, chief technology officer and founder, StereoGraphics Corporation. "Christie Digital Systems' integration of our Stereo3D technology in its Mirage product suite is producing the cleanest, clearest, and easiest to view stereoscopic images I have ever seen. The Mirage line is ideally suited for both Projection ZScreen and CrystalEyes stereo viewing."

The Christie Digital Mirage projectors are easily connected to any computer with a stereo-capable graphics sub-system. Moreover, the setup of projection requires no tweaking for continued performance at a high quality level, thus greatly simplifying stereoscopic projection setup for theater and CAVE® virtual reality environments.

StereoGraphics' Stereo3D visualization technology allows CAD, GIS/Mapping, Chemistry and Medical professionals to review complex 3D computer graphics more realistically. Realistic visualization with true depth perception reduces time spent on graphical data interpretation and improves data understanding, essential in mechanical and architectural design, GIS and medical diagnosis.

Where To See Mirage
The Mirage 5000 utilizing Stereo3D technology will be demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show from April 23rd to April 26th, 2001 (booth #M9624). Details on NAB can be found at

Product Availability and Pricing
Christie Digital is now accepting orders for delivery on all Mirage projectors. Pricing is available exclusively from Christie Digital's worldwide resellers. For more details on Mirage visit the Christie Digital web site at and select the immersive portfolio segment.

About Christie Digital Systems, Inc.
Christie Digital Systems, Inc. is a world leader in high-performance projection solutions for cinema, control rooms, rental staging, 3-D, immersive environments, meeting rooms, conference rooms and fixed installation environments. Christie Digital Systems has more than 70 years expertise in providing film projection technology to the cinema industry and more than 25,000 large screen projection solutions installed worldwide. They are the first DLP Cinema™ licensee to play a leading role in the development of digital cinema projection. Christie Digital is an Academy Award recipient for its gearless projectors and has received numerous industry-specific awards for DigiPro™, the world's first DLP Cinema™ projector and the Roadie, the world's first purpose-built rental staging projector. Christie Digital Systems is a jointly owned subsidiary of Ushio America, Inc. and Ushio, Inc. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

About StereoGraphics
StereoGraphics Corporation is the world's leading supplier of Stereo3D visualization products. StereoGraphics products allow architects, engineers, scientists, and medical and graphics professionals to visualize large, complex data sets naturally and interactively. Today, over 90,000 users utilize StereoGraphics products to enable earlier detection of design errors, enhance design review and accelerate time-to-market. StereoGraphics' Stereo3D products have been in use for over a decade in key design and engineering centers such as General Motors, Ford, Boeing and NASA. They allow professionals dealing with large multi-dimensional data sets to visualize images more naturally, enabling earlier detection of design errors, enhanced design review and faster time-to-market. StereoGraphics products are sold worldwide through a network of authorized resellers. For additional product, sales or reseller information on Stereo3D products from StereoGraphics, customers can call 800-783-2660 (outside the United States, 415-459-4500), visit the company's Web site at or send an email to


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