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Press Release  |  Apr 12, 2001

- Mirage Line Establishes New Benchmark for Stereoscopic Projection -

Kitchener, Ontario - (April 12, 2001) - Christie Digital Systems, a pioneer in high performance projection, is the first to deliver a complete suite of stereoscopic single projectors featuring 3-chip DLP™ technology. Specifically designed for stereo, the new Mirage line offers advanced performance features to revolutionize virtual reality (VR), entertainment and simulation markets worldwide.

"With the introduction of Mirage from Christie Digital Systems, a noteworthy improvement in the projection of stereoscopic moving images is taking place. The Stereo3D™ image is the cleanest, clearest, and easiest ever seen. Moreover, the setup of projection is vastly simplified, and requires no tweaking for continued performance at a high quality level," remarks Lenny Lipton CTO, COB, Founder, StereoGraphics Corporation.

Since the introduction of its high performance CRT stereo projectors in 1985, Christie Digital has established itself as the leading manufacturer of stereoscopic projectors for virtual CAVE® systems, workbenches, power walls and other 3D and simulation environments. The Mirage line further expands Christie Digital's portfolio of stereo products.

The single projector solutions are optimized to work with Liquid Crystal (LC) shutter glasses for active stereo, or with LC modulators placed in front of the lens, for passive Stereo3D with polarized eyewear. The product line consists of three new models: the Mirage 2000, an SXGA projector at 2,000 lumens; the Mirage 5000, an SXGA version at 5,000 lumens; and the Mirage 10000, an XGA projector delivering an incredible 10,000 lumens.

"The Mirage sets a new standard for performance and will change the way people look at stereoscopic images in the future. Brighter and sharper stereo projection will facilitate the visualization of more advanced computer-generated models - opening the doors to enhanced human perception and understanding. New discoveries, patents, and medical breakthroughs, are expected as a direct result of the new Mirage projection technology", notes Bill Speer, product manager for Christie Digital Systems.

Addressing Market Conditions 3D, stereoscopic environments have grown exponentially over the years due to a healthy computer graphics industry, robust competitive design processes and flexible software in two major markets: high-end professional and entertainment-based sectors. As a result of such activity there is a growing need for single projector active and passive digital stereo solutions that offer high brightness, crisp/clean imagery and excellent brightness uniformity.

Until now, 3D stereoscopy was the realm of well-funded research organizations and corporations. The availability of a single, stereo 3-chip DLP projection solution affords organizations with smaller budgets an investment designed for the long run. As well, digitally powered 3D projectors represent significant technological advances from current technology platforms.

Benefits of Stereo DLP Projection All Mirage projectors feature a Christie Digital-built light engine with micro-mirror technology. Inherently faster than LCD and CRT, micro-mirror technology has the ability to synchronize the left and right views required for stereoscopic imaging without time lag, ghosting, or other artifacts. Further, reflective technology does not require polarized light to display each synchronized view.

Assembled, aligned and tested at Christie Digital's facility in Canada, the light engine is created with advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure conformity to demanding specifications. The optical components and micro mirrors are assembled in a clean room environment under class 100 conditions with extreme accuracy using Christie Digital's proprietary Spatial Light Imaging Construction (SLICTM) process. The SLIC process guarantees superior optical alignment and convergence accuracy. High quality optics and lenses have been designed with special coatings optimized for active and passive stereo. Mirage projectors use Xenon illumination systems to produce superior color accuracy and brightness uniformity.

Proprietary electronics developed by Christie Digital's engineers help achieve optimum performance for both active and passive stereo. These proprietary electronics provide higher bandwidth, frame rates and pixel and clock speeds, culminating in the most advanced digital signal processing for all types of stereo images. Several image control features such as the following are setting new standards for stereo imaging:

  • Dark Interval Adjustment (DIATM) - a proprietary feature designed to enhance the overall stereo effect. The DIA allows adjustment of the critical dark time between left and right views and provides a method to keep the color temperature consistent over a wide range of 3D computer sources
  • Primary Color Adjust (PCATM) - a feature that allows the user accurate control of each primary color
  • Intelligent Lens System (ILSTM) - provides the ability to recall the focus, zoom and positioning settings of each source input allowing the projector to display multiple aspect ratios correctly sized and positioned on the same screen
  • Light Output Control (LiteLOCTM) - a feature that automatically adjusts lamp power to maintain a constant brightness level over the life of the lamp

Mirage offers a significant improvement for professional use and applications in stereoscopic visualization with interactive computer graphics models, especially for high-end UNIX workstations. The brightness and clarity of the system increases the awareness of the visual cues needed for stereo and the user perceives an enhanced depth perspective with less eyestrain. The projector is extremely stable and does not drift over time, providing plug and play with low maintenance requirements.

In entertainment venues, a single Mirage projector can now display what was previously accomplished with a pair of 70-mm movie projectors. The Mirage can project digital formats directly from a server and, because the source material is on digital media, there are no costs associated with film processing or film wear out. Digital projectors are more stable and there are no alignment issues (common in two-projector set-ups). Emerging markets such as theme parks and location-based entertainment (LBE) are now taking advantage of such stereoscopic projection.

Where To See Mirage
Stop by booth #M9624 to pick up your polarized glasses and see an enveloping demonstration of Mirage 5000 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show from April 23rd to April 26th, 2001 inclusive. Details on NAB can be found at

Product Availability and Pricing
Christie Digital is now accepting orders for delivery on all Mirage projectors. Pricing is available exclusively from Christie Digital's worldwide resellers. For more details on Mirage we invite you to our web site at and select the immersive portfolio segment.

About Christie Digital Systems
Christie Digital Systems, Inc. is a world leader in high-performance projection solutions for cinema, control rooms, rental staging, 3D, immersive environments, meeting rooms, conference rooms and fixed installation environments. Christie Digital Systems has more than 70 years expertise in providing film projection technology to the cinema industry and more than 25,000 large screen projection solutions installed worldwide. They are the first DLP Cinema™ licensee to play a leading role in the development of digital cinema projection. Christie Digital is an Academy Award recipient for its gearless projectors and has received numerous industry-specific awards for DigiPro™, the world's first DLP Cinema projector and the Roadie, the world's first purpose-built rental staging projector. Christie Digital Systems is a jointly-owned subsidiary of Ushio America, Inc. and Ushio, Inc. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

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