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Press Release  |  Dec 5, 2001

New Global Brand Name and Identity

City of Industry, CA (December 5, 2001) Acer Communications and Multimedia (America), a $3.2 billion industry leader, today announced a change in name and global brand identity. This new brand is Benq, which will operate independently of Acer. All Benq products will be marketed through global distribution and it is anticipated that they will invest approximately $50 million to market the new name and products over a one-year period.

The new company will center on quality and enjoyment to consumers with products digitally in tune to their needs. Benq plans to extend the technological innovation and brand recognition previously established by Acer to the next level of enjoyment. The communications and multimedia consumer products will be the focus of Benq's product lines, including CRT and LCD monitors, scanners, projectors, storage, keyboards, digital cameras and plasma displays.

"Benq's business strategy is focused and forward-looking and will position the organization at the forefront of the industry. This is about clarity and consistency for our customers," said Stan Shih, chairman and co-founder of the Acer Group. "All our customers will now have one voice and one experience with each brand."

With long-standing expertise in technological synergy, Benq aims to seamlessly integrate its products across a variety of media laying out the roadmap for the present and future. Consumers can enjoy the benefits of integrated technologies that combine video, audio, imaging, storage, networking and communications functions.

"Consumers of today are constantly searching for the ultimate digital lifestyle - one that brings together innovation, quality, value and enjoyment. Why should they have to make a choice between all four? Enter Benq, which is all about the lighter side of technology - quality solutions that are easy to use and everyone can understand. True innovation. Benq offers devices and services that cross media and applications to enrich life, contributing to our vision of a better way to see, hear and touch the world," said K.Y. Lee, President of Benq Corporation.

The consumer benefits are at the core of the new brand, driving its product strategy and direction. Keeping in line with these key benefits, the Benq brand will exude youthfulness that is unique and fun - traits that will soon materialize in its range of products.

With manufacturing facilities throughout the world, Benq boasts more than 10,000 employees worldwide. This supports a strong global sales, marketing and service network spanning Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. For more information please call Benq Incorporated at 909-569-0700 or visit our website at

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