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Press Release  |  Feb 1, 2002

The high resolution full color Camera 202 permits capture of documents and objects for display on a standard computer monitor or they can be shown with a multimedia or data/video projector. This camera provides an exceptional image in either XGA or SVGA resolution, which is identical to that provided by today's best personal computers (PC), or Macs. List price on Camera 202 is $995 and is available for shipment now.

The camera is exceptionally easy to use. It merely requires the plug in of the power via a small transformer, connection of the computer cable to the display monitor or projector, and the push of a power switch. After that a user can simply position the camera and adjust the focus as desired. More image options exist for the creative presenter, but the first time user can easily take command.

This is not a "video" camera that displays TV images. It is a high resolution, 1024 x 768 pixel, digital camera. The image has a resolution that is 4 times the resolution of normal TV images. It is similar to HDTV resolution. Consequently, the image must be shown on a computer monitor, plasma display, or via an electronic projector. It permits display of objects with clarity never possible before.

For example in close-up viewing the dots on a printed page are easily visible. Magnifications of over 100 times are possible. It can also show one half of a standard page with sufficient resolution to read the finest print. Focused for distance it can be used to show large objects or the entire room.

For use on a podium or in presentations, the output can be switched from the "camera" to a "computer" input mode with the touch of a button. Thus, it can function like a document camera, as the control point for simple presentations.

To view objects the rotating camera head is on a rugged moveable arm that can also be extended. An included small fluorescent lamp can be quickly positioned on the arm to provide the necessary illumination. Due to high camera sensitivity, normal ambient illumination is usually more than adequate.

The camera arm can be folded down in line with the base and the entire unit can easily be transported or stored in the included soft carry bag. The base contains a row of touch switches that provide image functions such as a 3X digital zoom to examine image areas close-up, and a 180 degree image rotation so the object can be conveniently positioned relative to the presenter.

Camera 202 lets the user take his audience to a world where anything placed in the viewing zone can be seen as never before. It is the perfect partner for Dukane's projectors and your key to a new world of super displays.


For More information contact Jim Locascio
Director of Sales and Marketing
Dukane Corp.
2900 Dukane Drive
St. Charles, IL 60174
630-584-2300 x473