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Press Release  |  Apr 15, 2002

Dukane, St. Charles IL, is pleased to introduce the Dukane Projection System (DPS), available April 15, 2002.

The revolutionary Dukane Projection System, DPS*, includes everything you need to install and operate a Data/Video projector mounted on a suspended ceiling. Your in-house staff or dealer can install the system in less than 60 minutes. This creates savings for your school, church or business.

The DPS permits you to project images from your computer, videotapes, standard TV, or from a small video camera. The system includes the projector, a high grade VCR to play the tapes, a video camera on a flexible arm (Camera 101), stereo speakers, the ceiling mount unit with all the parts, plus plenum cables to connect the system. It includes the wires, fasteners, wall conduit, power receptacle, power strip, and all the other items needed for the installation. The only items required are the computer and screen.

The ceiling mount is for suspended ceilings (drop ceilings) with either standard 2 x 2 ft. or 2x4 ft. ceiling tiles. The mount fits in a 2 x 2 ft. ceiling panel space and is secured similar to the way the suspended ceiling is attached. The mount has an adjustable plate that carries the projector along with a locking system for security. Electrical connection is made to a junction box with receptacles (outlets) located on the ceiling panel plate.

This ceiling mount also features easy access to the projector for routine service or lamp replacement. The system employs three 25-ft. long plenum cables that run from the projector above the ceiling to the room wall. The cables can be brought down the wall via the included 6-ft. decorative conduit or can be routed through the wall. Please be sure this installation method conforms to your local code.

Two projector options are available. An SVGA projector with variable keystone correction, easy to use menu, quiet operation and high contrast. The second is an XGA resolution (1024 x 768) projector with identical high-grade features.

The contents of the DPS include:
· Data/Video Projector (2 models to choose from)
· Ceiling mount with all necessary assembly items included
· 25-ft. Plenum cables with connectors attached for VGA, Composite, S-Video signals that permit quick and easy hook up to a computer, VCR, and document camera.
· 6 ft. Plastic wall conduit included to conceal the cabling from the ceiling to the desktop.
· VCR- 4 Head hi-fi stereo with tuner to play tapes or tune in TV channels
· Two external powered speakers for rich, stereo sound
· Document camera, Dukane's Camera 101, providing full motion NTSC video to capture and display scenes in the classroom or conference room
· Security combination locks to act as a theft deterrent
· Standard 110VAC power strip for the PC, VCR, speakers, and Camera 101
· Electrical receptacles and power box on the ceiling mount.

You have two different projectors to choose from. They are the Dukane:

8043 DPS 8753 DPS
Resolution SVGA Resolution XGA Resolution
Displays XGA compressed SXGA compressed
Light output 1100 Lumens 1100 Lumens
Weight 5.7lbs 5.7lbs
Lamp 132W UHP lamp 132W UHP lamp
Lamp life 2000 hour lamp life 2000 hour lamp life
Contrast 400-1 contrast 400-1 contrast
Sound 34dB-extra quiet 34dB-extra quiet
Compatibility MAC, PC MAC, PC
Control IR remote IR remote
Digital keystone Keystone Correction Keystone Correction
Model for system 28A8043DPS 28A8753DPS
List Price For DPS and Projector $5236 $6902

*Patent pending on the DPS.

Since 1922, Dukane has been involved in the development of systems and equipment for the educational, commercial, industrial and healthcare markets. Today, the company is divided into three operating divisions, which produce diversified product offerings including audio visual presentation equipment, underwater location devices and ultrasonic assembly systems.

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Dukane Corporation, 2900 Dukane Drive, St.
Charles, Illinois, 60174
Phone: 630-584-2300, Fax: 630-584-515