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Dukane Announces Affordable, High Resolution Digital Presenter

Press Release  |  Aug 6, 2002

Perfect for schools, training centers and board rooms the DVP505 is a digital presenter consisting of a high-resolution color camera on a moveable extendable arm mounted over a stage with a backlight. There are also lights on arms located on each side of the stage for illumination of the subject. The presenter camera output images can be directed to a projector or computer monitor for display.

To provide versatile operation there are connections for a computer input,microphone input, audio output, USB, remote control RS-232, and DC voltage.The color camera has a 1024 x 768, XGA resolution which provides an exceptional image in either XGA or SVGA resolution. The image output is via a standard computer VGA style cable or the DVI output can be used. This presenter is very easy to use and can be controlled by the built-in controls or via a credit card size remote control that is stored in the presenter's base. It merely requires plugging into standard power,connection of the computer or video cable to the projector or display monitor, and the push of the power button. After that the user can position the camera arm and push the auto focus button. Additional image options exist for the creative presenter but the first time user can easily take command.

The XGA images that the camera displays are 4 times the resolution of a normal TV image. Consequently this image must be shown on a computer monitor, data/video projector or plasma panel. It results in clarity not possible until now. Standard TV video output in Composite or S-video is also available and can be shown using a standard TV. A VCR can also be connectedto record the images.The DVP505 has a 3X optical and 4x digital zoom range controlled by buttons. The camera, which has auto focus, can easily view objects at up to 80X magnification. Up to 16 images can be captured by merely pushing the "Capture" button on the remote. A montage of these images can be instantly previewed and one image selected for full screen display. The images can be transferred to a PC by the USB connection for further storage or processing. For sound enhancement there is microphone input combined with an output for an amplifier and speakers. A PS/2 mouse connection permits mouse control of the menu or movement of an electronic pointer over the image.

Objects such as transparencies can be illuminated from the backside using the stage lamp or illuminated from above by the side fluorescent lamps. A "source" button permits switching between the presenter camera and an > external computer input. Thus the presenter can be placed in a system with a single VGA cable to the projector. Remote control is possible by the RS-232 input. Other features include gamma "photo/text" mode, image freeze,Digital Visual Interface (DVI-I) output, a 12 VDC output, automatic white balance, brightness control, 8 language menu, image flip and lamp control. Portable image storage is possible through a PC card type 2 slot. The presenter includes a softsided bag for easy transport. It is the perfect tool for providing images of objects, evidence, papers, X-rays, or demonstrations in the classroom, conference room, courtroom, at the podium, or for video conferencing.

List price for the DVP505 is $3245 and is available now.

Since 1922, Dukane has been involved in the development of systems and equipment for the educational, commercial, industrial and healthcare markets. Today, the company is divided into three operating divisions which produce diversified product offerings including audio visual presentation equipment, underwater location devices and ultrasonic assembly systems.
Dukane Corporation, 2900 Dukane Drive, St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone: 630-584-2300, Fax: 630-584-5156