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Epson Introduces Its First-Ever Projector Designed Specifically for the Home Theater Market

Press Release  |  Jun 12, 2002

New EPSON PowerLite(R) TW-100 Combines Epson's Award-Winning 3-LCD Projection Technology with Advanced Video Processing

Epson America Inc., the world leader in high-performance projectors, today unveiled its first-ever home theater product with the introduction of the EPSON PowerLite TW-100 video projector. By combining Epson's advanced 3-LCD technology with newly added video processing and a wide array of user-friendly features, this projector is engineered to create a dramatic theater experience in any home.

"Since the introduction of our first multimedia projector in 1995, Epson video display technology has won numerous awards and established a reputation and for outstanding image quality, ease-of-use and reliability," said Mark Pickard, group product manager, Epson. "Now that we've gained such a prominent position in the projector market and have become the brand of choice among so many demanding presenters and AV specialists, it's become a logical step for our display technology to expand into the home theater environment."

The PowerLite TW-100 projects high-resolution video at HDTV 720p native resolution and in a 16:9 wide format aspect ratio required for movies. Epson's 3-LCD technology also gives it the ability to reproduce a broader color palette than other technologies on the market, while its 600:1 contrast ratio makes it possible for shadows to stand out more from their backgrounds -- ensuring a sharp, rich image at every level of brightness. The projector is HDTV-ready and supports other popular digital video signals such as 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i. The aspect ratio is also adjustable -- since many of today's DVDs offer a variety of aspect ratios to choose from, users have the ability to fill an entire 16:9 wide format screen without having to look at large black borders.

At 30 db, the PowerLite TW-100 is Epson's most quiet projector to date, creating a "living room-quiet" level of fan noise that won't interfere with the users' audio content. It is also designed to be visually unobtrusive with a white exterior that accents most contemporary environments.

When it comes to installation, the PowerLite TW-100 offers plenty of flexibility. The projector can be hung from a ceiling, placed on a table, installed on a bookcase or shelf for downward projection or even placed behind a screen for rear projection. It also has a fixed optical 10-degree projection angle in addition to a 30-degree digital keystone adjustment that gives users the ability to easily adjust the shape of the screen to compensate for the angle in which the projector is positioned.

The core of Epson's newly enhanced video technology lies in a Faroudja DCDi(TM) Advanced Image Processor. This chip helps reduce the "jaggies" that are often caused by converting an interlaced scan conversion to that of a progressive scan conversion. The processor also features a 3D/YC separation function that reduces color noise at the color boundaries of a composite video signal to reproduce sharper and smoother images. A "Motion Detect Function" can also be selected to optimize the quality for images that have fast motion. The projector can also automatically determine whether or not the source signal is a movie and if it is, the original image is reproduced fully by means of 3:2 pull-down -- the optimal progressive conversion that matches the frame rate of film to the frame rate of video.

A full-featured remote control is included with the PowerLite TW-100, giving users a wide range of on-screen menu options for simple control features or advanced technical adjustments. Black levels can be altered without affecting the white level (or vice versa) to give users maximum control when matching the projector's display with the ambient light conditions in the room. Users can also adjust color temperatures and RGB to create the most ideal color basis and customized mapping. The projector also offers a sleep mode and a memory capability that stores up to six customized settings for each type of video input.

Since customers' color preferences may vary depending on what type of images they are viewing, Epson has pre-programmed the PowerLite TW-100 with five different color modes for different applications. These modes include:

1) Dynamic -- the default mode, designed to provide an optimum balance of color, sharpness and contrast that is generally most ideal for standard/analog television and other video content.

2) Theater -- a combination of adjustments designed to maximize the details from high-resolution video sources such as HDTV and DVDs.

3) Natural -- a mode that enables users to adjust colors to suit their individual preferences.

4) PC -- offers maximum brightness that is most ideal when users wish to display images generated on their computers.

5) SRGB -- makes it possible for the projector to reproduce the same color tones as computer monitors and meets testing specifications such as the international standard: IEC 61966-2-1 (sRGB).

The heart of this projector's advanced imaging technology lies in Seiko Epson's own three-LCD projection system. These three 1,280 x 720-pixel Seiko Epson LCDs are engineered and synchronized to achieve high levels of image quality, such as brightness distribution (illumination ratio), color saturation, color accuracy and efficiency. They create varying shades of red, green and blue that blend to produce a projected image with brighter, richer, truer colors and sharp black text. Furthermore, the EPSON PowerLite TW-100 takes advantage of a 150-watt UHE lamp with a reduced arc for increased energy efficiency and a life of approximately 3,000 hours.

The PowerLite TW-100 will be available in July 2002 for $4,995 (estimated street price) through authorized pro audio/visual dealers throughout the U.S. The projector meets the same stringent quality control measures that Epson uses for its entire projector line, so customers can be confident this product will stand up to the most rigorous demands. A recent study found that "experienced professionals who service and sell multimedia projectors choose Epson 5:1 as the most reliable."

Epson's PowerLite projectors come with a two-year limited warranty that includes three elite technical support services -- Epson's Private Line(SM), Road Service Program and International Warranty. Through the Private Line, projector owners can directly access a dedicated expedited support telephone line (typically in less than one minute) by using a phone card that is included with the product. In the event that a projector should need to be repaired, Epson's Road Service Program can replace the product usually within 48 hours in the United States and Canada. International Warranty makes repair service available in 45 countries worldwide. These services are available for the duration of the warranty coverage.

For more information on Epson's current projector product line, customers can call 800/442-1977 or visit the company's Web site at

Epson also offers an extensive array of award-winning image capture and image output products for the consumer, business, photographic and graphic arts markets. The company is a leading supplier of value-added point-of-sale (POS) solutions for the retail market. Founded in 1975, Epson America Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality technology products that meet customer demands for increased functionality, compactness, systems integration and energy efficiency. Epson America Inc. is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif.

CONTACT: Epson America, Inc.
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