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Panasonic Announces New Series of High Brightness, Cost-Effective Portable Projectors

Press Release  |  Jun 12, 2002

New PT-L780NTU Capable of Wireless and Wired Network Operation

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company has introduced the PT-L780NTU and PT-L750U portable, high-brightness XGA LCD projectors here at INFOCOMM.

Weighing only 12 pounds, the new projectors incorporate three newly-developed .99" TFT Active Matrix Polysilicon LCD panels to deliver stunning images, text and graphics for demanding computer and video applications in classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, church halls and other large venues.

The PT-L780NTU is Panasonic's first portable projector to provide both wired and wireless network capability. By simply inserting an optional wireless PC LAN card, users can transmit data using the industry-leading Wireless Networking standard (IEEE.802.11b) at a transfer rate of 11 Mbps over a 125-foot distance from PC to the SD Memory Card in the PT-L780NTU for projection. In addition, all the PT-L780NTU's setup parameters can be controlled remotely and status monitored via an internet browser menu, thereby providing users the freedom to mount the portable projector anywhere because cabling is eliminated. Each PT-L780NTU has an assigned IP address for remote, individual control.

The PT-L780NTU also features wired Local Area Network (LAN) capabilities. The projector can connect to an office's LAN via a built-in 10Base-100Base-TX interface for easy communicate and control. The PT-L780NTU is also USB-ready and it can serve as a USB hub for daisy-chain connection of multiple devices.

The PT-L780NTU and PT-L750NT are high-brightness models (3000 and 2500 lumens, respectively), displaying vibrant colors and bright, crisp images in true 1024 X 768 XGA/maximum UXGA resolution. Both models have three RGB inputs (BNCx5, HD D-sub15 x 2) and one HD D-sub15 can be switched to monitor out terminal.

The PT-L780NTU also offers a DVI interface for direct digital input of RGB signals, which doubles the number of gray shades that can be reproduced to 2,048, while also minimizing distortion and sync problems common in conventional analog data transfers.

Both models are equipped with lens with powered zoom/focus adjustment, and optional click-in type interchangeable lenses for short/long/extra-long throw ratios are available. The projectors sport a rugged magnesium alloy casing and a sophisticated, unique design. The design includes a "cable basket" that covers the I/O terminals and provides the projectors with a lens centered, symmetric shape for installation convenience.

The projectors are HDTV-ready and can automatically synchronize to display 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i video in the 16:9 wide aspect ratio. In addition, the units support most worldwide video standards, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM. A Digital Cinema Reality™ circuit greatly improves viewing quality from film-based video sources.

The PT-L780NTU and PT-L750U will be available in September.