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Sanyo Introduces Three New Ultraportables with Exclusive Wireless Imager, Presentation Viewer

Press Release  |  Jun 12, 2002

PLC-XU37, PLC-XU32 and PLC-SU32 Provide Options for a Variety of Business Presentation Applications

Sanyo Fisher Company's Presentation Technologies Division, whose parent company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD projectors, introduces three new ultraportable models to its family of high-quality projectors. The PLC-XU37, PLC-XU32 and PLC-SU32 answer the presentation needs of the business user with advanced digital features, outstanding brightness, and Sanyo's proprietary technology.

One of Sanyo's newest proprietary technologies, the optional Wireless Imager, supports the three new models and guarantees polished, streamlined presentations. The imager enables the PLC-XU37, PLC-XU32 and PLC-SU32 to use IEEE 802.11b technology to transfer data from the computer to the projector without VGA or control cables for the PC. Wireless data transmission is possible up to a distance of 100 feet indoors or 660 feet outdoors using 11 Mbps transmission. Real-time capture allows users to transmit images from any application software in short intervals, eliminating the need for conversion to JPEG files. In addition, with the imager's "one-shot" mode, multiple presenters can share a single projector.

The optional Presentation Viewer, another of Sanyo's exclusive proprietary features, supports PC-less presentations by playing images stored on a compact flash memory card, making it ideal for delivering the same demonstration on multiple occasions. Presentations can also be looped to repeat in, for example, mall displays or conferences. Because no PC or computer skill is necessary, the Presentation Viewer makes the projector equally accessible to the non-PC user.

The PLC-XU37, PLC-XU32 and PLC-SU32 feature Sanyo's proprietary light engine with a 200-watt UHP lamp, and generate an impressive 2000, 1700, and 1700 ANSI lumens, respectively. All three models boast a contrast ratio of 350:1 to clearly display images from 31 to 300 inches diagonally. The PLC-XU37 and PLC-XU32 offer an XGA resolution of 1024 x 768, while the PLC-SU32 provides an SVGA resolution of 800 x 600.

Designed for use in the conference rooms or on the road, each unit weighs less than 10 pounds and is housed in a sleek, durable magnesium alloy cabinet. A fan control system, which monitors room temperature and adjusts fan speed, guarantees presentations will be heard by reducing background noise. All include DVI-I input, component input, D-Sub output and USB connectivity.

The PLC-XU37, PLC-XU32 and PLC-SU32 retail for $6,995 (MSRP), $5,495 (MSRP) and $4,995 (MSRP), respectively.

"Now consumers don't have to sacrifice performance and digital technology for portability," said Mark Holt, vice president, Sanyo Presentation Technologies. "The wealth of features offered with all of our projectors differentiates Sanyo from the rest of the pack."

Sanyo's newest ultraportable projectors are equipped with a variety of advanced digital features, including:

Digital Visual Interface (DVI-I): DVI-I provides true digital data transfer from the source to the projector, eliminating ghosting, noise, and signal degradation while allowing for longer cable runs. Because DVI will become the standard interface, the PLC-XU37, PLC-XU32 and PLC-SU32 are fully equipped for both current and future applications.

Component Video Inputs: Component video inputs and a newly developed Digital RGB Matrix IC facilitate projection of video, DVD (Y/Cb/Cr) and HDTV (Y/Pb/Pr) from an ultraportable package.

X-Y Digital Keystone Correction: Sanyo's X-Y digital keystone correction feature produces accurate images, compensating for angled projector placement in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

Digital Progressive Scanning: By doubling the video information being sent to the projector, proprietary Sanyo digital progressive scanning substantially increases video image detail and resolution. Each pixel is monitored using Sanyo's original motion detection algorithm to ensure increased vertical resolution and crisper moving images.

Digital Realized Video Scaling: Together, Sanyo's advanced digital signal processing circuit and automatic color correction circuit ensure the highest color accuracy possible and dramatically enhance image-edge detail.

Each projector is backed with a three-year parts and labor warranty as well as a 90-day warranty on the original lamp and a 30-day warranty on the replacement lamp. They are available through Sanyo's national network of professional audiovisual dealers.

About Sanyo
Based in Chatsworth, CA, Sanyo Fisher Company is a leading marketer of high-quality multimedia, consumer audio and video, communication, security video, office automation, air conditioning and home appliance products. (The Presentation Technologies Division of its parent company in Japan is one of the world's largest producers of LCD projectors and digital cameras.) The company is a division of SANYO North America Corporation, a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan), one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers.

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