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The DLP-2100X Digital Projector

Press Release  |  Jan 11, 2003

A compact, portable, high performance digital projector for home entertainment and family-use

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 11, 2002)- Vivitar Corporation announces a new product it its new expanding line of digital projectors. Vivitar Corporation will officially release its new DLP-2100X digital projector at the Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas in January of 2003. The DLP-2100X is currently in final phases of development and is will be available in both North America and Europe early in 2003. The DLP-2100X is the third model in the new series of projector products from Vivitar, and it will be shown at CES in both 36035.

The digital projector plays into the theme for all Vivitar products – imaging products for home and family, at an affordable price. The digital projector follows the paradigm of slide projector.

"The new digital projector product line is a natural extension to the expanding line of innovative and affordable digital imaging products offered by Vivitar. Vivitar has one of the most extensive lines of analog and digital photographic products under a single brand, including traditional 35 mm slide projectors. The digital projector is the next natural step if the evolution of imaging and photography," according to Vivitar's President and CEO, Gary Carleton.

The DLP-2100X is a feature-packed projector. While there are many companies in the already crowded industrial projector market, Vivitar USA will also market its new line of projectors to home users for application in home theatre and personal entertainment. The DLP-2100X has been tested in the home environment and it is the perfect alternative to large screen televisions. Not only does the projector take up much less space than a wide screen television, it is far less expensive.

Whereas the digital projector follows the fundamental paradigm of the traditional slide projector, it expands the experience in many ways. The DLP-2100X projector can project every common-standard digital or analog video signal including:
Component video
Composite video
VGA signal
DVI input

In practical terms, this means you may project:
A tape playing in your VHS player
A DVD or Video CD from a DVD player
Images from a digital camera
Playback a tape from your camcorder, regardless of format – VHS, VHS-C, 8 mm, Hi-8, DV, mini DV, and more
Live video from a security camera, digital camera, or camcorder
Games from Play Station, Xbox, Play Station 2, Ninitendo, Game Cube
Your laptop, notebook, or desktop computer
An HDTV signal
Video from a satellite receiver

The DLP-2100X is truly a universal projection device with complete versatility and portability. Unlike a wide screen TV, at just 5.8 pounds the digital projector is small enough to take with you on a vacation, on a business trip, or to a friend's home for the big game this weekend. The slim size of the DLP-2100X makes it possible to carry in a briefcase, computer case, or backpack

"The DLP-2100X is the first Vivitar digital projector based upon DLP technology. The DLP-2100X is a compact 2100 lumen projector with a contrast ratio of 1500:1 weighing under 6 pounds, making it the highest performance projector in the new product line, reports Vivitar Product Manager, Tom Piehn. "The performance, size, and weight of the DLP-2100X make it the most versatile model in the product lineup."

Ease of use, universality, and portability make the project a must-have product. The DLP-2100X produces an impressive 2100 lumens, which is adequate to make a presentation in a conference room without the need to close the window blinds, or turn-off the conference room lights." The projection power of the DLP-2100X is quite adequate, such that a screen is not necessary. The DLP-2100X has an impressive contrast ratio of 1500:1 which will satisfy the most demanding home entertainment enthusiast.

The DLP-2100X is an XGA projector, meaning that it will project at a resolution of 1024 x 768. The DLP-2100X features integral speakers, which are convenient for travel when you can't bring a sound system, and a remote controller with an integral laser pointer. One of the most unique features of the projector is the PIP (picture-in-picture) feature which enables you to project both computer graphics and a video source simultaneously either side-by-side, or in separate windows. The DLP-2100X may be located in a home or conference in one of several orientations as internal circuitry allows the projected image to be flipped or inverted. This means that the projector can be mounted on a table top, in the ceiling, or even behind the screen. Another essential feature is two-axis keystone correction that allows the projected image to be corrected for both horizontal and vertical trapezoidal distortion that naturally occurs when is the projector is located above/below, or to the left/right of the center of the screen. The DLP-2100X on-screen menus are available in two languages, making it a truly international product.

The suggested retail price for the projector is $3699. The DLP-2100X will be available at consumer electronic stores and other Vivitar resellers nationwide.