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Dukane Announces New And Improved Ceiling Mounted Projection System

Press Release  |  Feb 18, 2003

The revolutionary Dukane Projection System, DPS, has been improved with the addition of 3 models that provide various options of image and audio performance. This system provides all the necessary components for a dealer or in-house staff member to install a data/video projector in a suspended ceiling in less than 60 minutes. The result creates savings for the school, church, or business.

The new product versions are designated the DPS1, DPS2 and DPS3. All three contain all the basic components for the complete installation but differ in the resulting system performance. The DPS1 is the basic configuration with a LCD projector, DVD-VCR combination player, a video (document) camera, stereo speakers, the ceiling mount unit, and all the cables, connectors, etc. to complete the installation.

The DPS2 adds a sound system that contains a separate amplifier and a ceiling mounted speaker array. This provides a complete permanent sound source for the room. It can also be combined with an optional microphone to provide voice augmentation for the speaker.

The DPS3 is a further upgrade in the image properties. Here the projector resolution is increased to that of XGA, 1024 x 768, and an equally high XGA resolution tabletop camera (Camera 202) is provided. This permits extremely sharp viewing of documents and objects. The advance audio system with the amp and ceiling speaker array is also provided.

All the Dukane Projection Systems permit you to project images from your computer, the DVD-VCR player, or the video camera. Thus the viewers can be shown computer program content, images from the Internet, movies, special features, or local images from the camera in the room.

Along with the major components the system includes all the cables, fasteners, wall conduit, power receptacle, power strip, connectors, and all the other items required for the installation. The only other items required are the computer and the screen.

The DPS ceiling mount is for suspended ceilings (drop ceilings) with either standard 2 x 2 ft. or 2-x 4 ft. ceiling tiles. The mount fits in a 2 x 2-ft. ceiling panel space and is secured similar to the way the suspended ceiling is attached. The mount has an adjustable angle plate that carries the projector. One side of the plate can be quickly released so it will swing down permitting easy access to service the projector filters or for lamp replacement. This can be down without the need to disconnect any of the input cables.

The projector is secured with a Kensington security cable that is locked to the ceiling plate and structure. Electrical connection for the projector is made by a junction box with receptacles (outlets) included on the ceiling panel plate.

The system employs three 25-ft. long plenum cables that run from the projector above the ceiling to the room wall. The cables can be brought down via the included decorative conduit or can be routed through the wall to an appropriate outlet point. For the models with the ceiling speaker array additional plenum cables are included. Please be sure this installation method conforms to your local code.

For the DPS2 and 3 models the ceiling speaker array is mounted in the desired ceiling panel location. The stylish white molded panel array contains four 10-watt speakers angled to cover the room area. The audio is provided by an included amplifier, which has available microphone inputs should other applications such as voice amplification be desired. The speaker array allows the audio to reach all corners of the classroom. Everyone in the room will have the ability to hear the presentation.

Video images of documents or objects can be presented to the viewers with the included camera. The Camera 101 is a low light level fully automatic camera that can enlarge objects up to over 100 times. It is a high performance NTSC camera. In DPS3, the Camera 202 has almost 4 times the resolution with an output equivalent to that of a XGA computer.

Since 1922, Dukane has been involved in the development of systems and equipment for the educational, commercial, industrial and healthcare markets. Today, the company is divided into three operating divisions, which produce diversified product offerings including audio visual presentation equipment, underwater location devices and ultrasonic assembly systems.

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