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APTi America Introduces New AP-1500R High Resolution(SXGA)LCD Rear-Screen Projector

Press Release  |  Feb 8, 1999

New unit adds to APTi America's line of projectors featuring High Definition Light Valve (HDLV(tm)) reflective light technology co-developed by APTi(r) and IBM(r)

SAN JOSE, CA -- February 8, 1999 -- APTi America has announced the addition of the AP-1500R, a new high resolution SXGA (1280 x 1024) rear-screen data/video projector, to its line of high-end units designed to meet the application needs of powerful workstations, multimedia personal computers and high resolution video systems.

Like its front screen counterpart, the AP-1500R offers users the ability to handle high-resolution output from all workstations and powerful multi-media personal computers with brightness and color accuracy comparable to the image quality of a workstation monitor. The unit provides a brilliant image and an exceptionally wide angle of view, allowing the implementation of video consoles with screens as big as 120-diagonal-inches.

The superior brightness and acute resolution of the AP-1500R is the result of innovative new High Definition Light Valve (HDLV(tm)) technology co-developed by APTi Japan and IBM. According to Nelson Brugh, General Manager of APTi America, "HDLV technology eliminates the pixel grids of traditional LCD projectors and gives the viewer a smooth, film-like image quality." He added, "this kind of performance has previously only been available in very expensive CRT projectors." The AP-1500R is ideally suited for the corporate and institutional market where high resolution and image quality are important, but where cost is also a factor. The AP-1500 is being offered at a suggested retail price of $25,995.

The HDLV technology, employs a reflective light engine that bounces light off the surfaces of three IBM-designed semi-conductors. Each semi-conductor features a combined reflective surface and LCD in a 1.3 inch diagonal form factor. This design allows the LCD reflective surfaces to create a true color image and eliminate the pixelized "screen-door" effect typical of transmissive LCD's.

HDLV technology also benefits users because it minimizes light loss by eliminating the traditional method of transmitting light through an LCD, which can reduce light output by as much as 50%. The ability to increase resolution while improving lumen output results in a very high lumen/watts ratio which in turn reduces heat, and allows for cooler, quieter operation making the AP-1500R a perfect projector for any short throw application. According to Brugh, "The AP-1500R, and the previously announced AP-1500SX front-screen projector, are the only projectors in their class that feature the advanced HDLV reflective light technology."

The AP-1500R also provides extremely accurate color temperature because of a unique 250-watt metal-halide lamp. For users, this means the AP-1500R is capable of matching the color output of the computer graphics card with greater precision than was heretofore available in projectors in this price class.

The AP-1500R also incorporates a unique Auto Set-up and Synchronization feature that enables the projector to automatically calibrate the projector image output to match that of the computer graphics card. This feature provides a simple method of signal synchronization to every data signal within the AP-1500R specification range. The connection data is memorized in the projector, making the subsequent connection of the computer very quick and easy.

Another important feature of the AP-1500R is a user-definable memory feature that enables the projector to "store" the set-up parameters for 25 different configurations. Any user adjustments such as color balance, image preference, and various projection set-up parameters can be saved, which makes restoring the configurations quite easy.

Other features of the AP-1500R include: three simultaneous data inputs - 13W3, HD 15, and 5-BNC connectors; two simultaneous video inputs utilizing S-Video and RCA connectors, and audio input on all input signals plus audio output to external speakers or two built-in two-watt stereo speakers. The Projector also features video compatibility with NTSC/PAL/SECAM standards. With a dimension of just 13.4"(W) x 17.5"(D) x 8.7"(H), and a weight of just 29.3 lbs., the AP-1500R is compact and light enough to be easily installed or hand carried from room to room.

The APTi AP-1500R is manufactured in Japan by Advanced Peripherals Technologies, Inc., (APTi) and is being distributed in North America by APTi America via a network of professional audio/visual dealers.

APTi is an eight-year old Japanese manufacturer/marketer of advanced computer peripheral products such as printers, networking products, flat panel monitors, and multimedia projectors. APTi, established in 1991 by IBM-Japan and TEC (a subsidiary of TOSHIBA), was created from a division of IBM-Japan responsible for printer development. The firm is the manufacturer of printers that are marketed by IBM in Asia, under the IBM brand name. Additional information about APTi can be obtained from the Company's web site

APTi is a registered trademark of Advanced Peripherals Technologies, Inc.,

HDLV and High Definition Light Valve are trademarks of IBM.

Nelson Brugh
General Manager
APTi America