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InFocus® stuns industry with the first sub-five pound, fully featured XGA notebook projector

Press Release  |  May 18, 1999

The new InFocus LP330 “Dragonfly” personal projector delivers the image today’s trend -setting mobile professionals need to stay ahead

Wilsonville, Ore., May 18, 1999 -- InFocus, the worldwide data/video projection market leader and pioneer of the first true personal projector today introduced the world’s most portable digital projector. The new InFocus LP330, developed under the code name "Dragonfly," is the industry’s first sub-five pound, XGA, full-featured notebook projector. In addition to being the world's lightest XGA projector, the LP330 is only 2.5 inches thick, easily fitting into the road warrior’s briefcase.

Today’s announcement marks InFocus as the first and only company to offer a full line of personal digital projectors all weighing under 7.5 pounds. According to a recent study conducted by IDC, leading benefits of using digital projectors include higher quality presentations, improved audience attention and retention and enhanced perception of both message and presenter. IDC concludes that the evolution of portable digital projectors is changing not only the way we present, but also the way we do business.

"InFocus is the only projector manufacturer to recognize that even within the personal projector category, one size does not fit all," says Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., president of Mobile Insights. "They are offering the marketplace four unique product offerings designed for individual segments of the mobile market. Certainly with its innovative form factor and ultra-personal weight of 4.8 pounds, Dragonfly will appeal to the mobile elite class of professionals that rely on the image they project during every business meeting."

At 650 ANSI lumens, the LP330 is bright enough to keep presenters in control of the environment no matter what lighting challenges they encounter. The LP330 delivers the uncompromising contrast ratio of 400:1. The projector also offers superior image quality that is a result of its proprietary optical and engineering expertise with Digital Light ProccessingTM (DLPTM), a Texas InstrumentsTM technology. In addition, InFocus’ Plug and Project technology makes it simple for presenters to use so they can spend more time focused on their audience instead of their technology tools. The LP330 will be available in July 1999 and has a suggested U.S. list price of $6,999*

"InFocus has once again proven their market leadership in achieving breakthrough brightness and portability performance," said Bob England, senior vice president and manager of Texas Instruments’ Digital Imaging division. "Maintaining projector features typically found on products twice the size and weight of the LP330 makes this feat even more impressive. The LP330 will break new ground for mobile presentations. Combining the LP330 with the InFocus LP 400 series of projectors creates what looks like a very impressive ultraportable product family in the marketplace. We are delighted that InFocus has made such a strong commitment to DLP technology in this significant market segment."

In Focus Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing award-winning data/video projection products and services. All projectors provided by InFocus are backed by a comprehensive two-year service warranty, an exclusive "24-hour seven days per week" customer support hotline (800) 799-9911 and our Priority Care program. For the fiscal year ending December 31, 1998 InFocus revenue was $306.7M. The company’s headquarters are located at 27700B SW Parkway Avenue, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-9215. Call (800) 294-6400 or (503) 685-8888. InFocus’ fax number is (503) 685-8631.


NOTE: This press release includes forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that all forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties and several factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements relate to anticipated revenues, gross margins, earnings, and availability of products manufactured on behalf of the Company, backlog and new product introductions. The following factors, among others, could cause actual results to differ from those indicated in the forward-looking statements: 1) in regard to revenues, gross margins and earnings uncertainties associated with market acceptance of and demand for the Company's products, impact of competitive products and pricing and dependence on third party suppliers; 2) in regard to product availability and backlog, uncertainties associated with manufacturing capabilities and dependence on third party suppliers; and 3) in regard to new product introductions, uncertainties associated with the development of technology and the establishment of full manufacturing capabilities, dependence on third-party suppliers and intellectual property rights. Investors are directed to the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the Company's 1997 Form 10-K, which are available from the Company without charge, for a more complete description of the risks and uncertainties relating to forward looking statements made by the Company as well as to other aspects of the Company's business.

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