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InFocus’ Newest ScreenPlay Projector Makes Superior Home Theater Affordable for Consumers

Press Release  |  May 20, 2003

New InFocus ScreenPlay 4800 Delivers Bigger, Sharper Image for Home Theater

WILSONVILLE, OR, May 20, 2003 – Home theaters with front projectors were once the bastion of only the most well-heeled home entertainment aficionados. Now, thanks to InFocus® Corporation (Nasdaq:INFS) (OSE: IFC) the worldwide leader in digital projection technology and services, ScreenPlay digital projectors optimized for home theater will become as common as plasma or big screen TVs, only with sharper and significantly larger images at a fraction of the cost. InFocus announced today the launch of the ScreenPlay 4800, the third in its line of home theater projectors, and the first to break the $1,500 price barrier. With access to an affordable home theater projector, more consumers can now experience cinema-quality images at home.

Perfect for projecting larger-than-life images from DVDs, home movies from digital cameras or camcorders, televised events such as football and video games, the ScreenPlay 4800 can project images up to 12 feet with crisper, higher-resolution images than plasma, big screen TVs and many other projectors.

"If you want the true theater experience in your home, front projection is the only way to get amazing image quality in sizes more than twice that of other display devices, and InFocus' ScreenPlay Series is designed to offer a superior home theater experience," said Scott Hix, Vice President and General Manager of InFocus Business Development. "With the ScreenPlay 4800, InFocus has extended the ScreenPlay Series to make truly impressive home theater available to customers looking for great value and performance."

InFocus has integrated advanced technology from Texas Instruments and Faroudja into the ScreenPlay 4800. Both Texas Instrument's DLP™ technology and Faroduja's deinterlacing technology, DCDi, are featured in the projector. Together, these technologies, blended with the projector innovation that ScreenPlay by InFocus is known and awarded for, make the ScreenPlay 4800 adaptable to most broadcast technologies, including High-Definition broadcasts, while still remaining light, bright, and quiet.

"The ScreenPlay 4800 continues our successful partnership with InFocus," said Bharath Rajagopalan, Manager, Home Projector Business Unit, DLP™ Products at Texas Instruments. "We see a significant - and very exciting - opportunity for front projection systems for the home, and the ScreenPlay 4800 appears to be extremely well positioned to take maximum advantage of that opportunity." Weighing only six pounds, the ScreenPlay 4800 can be easily placed out of view following use. Unlike plasma and big-screen television systems that need large, cumbersome furniture to house them, ScreenPlay projectors give you your room back when you are finished watching the latest blockbuster or the last field goal of the biggest Bowl games. The projector also comes with an unmatched set of ease-of-use features and connectivity to with televisions, DVD players or satellite receivers. The unique home theater onscreen menu and home theater remote includes controls for aspect ratio, overscan, user settings, in 12 languages, multiple pre-set modes for film, video, and PC as well as extensive image controls for color saturation, contrast, tint, and brightness.

The ScreenPlay 4800 delivers native SVGA (800 x 600) resolution, 1100 ANSI lumens, a 2000:1 contrast ratio and 16.7-million color wheel. The projector can throw an image between 2.7' (0.8 meters) to greater than 21.6' (6.5 meters) wide from distances of 1.5 meters to 9.8 meters. The ScreenPlay 4800 will be available on May 19. For more information, customers can visit

About InFocus Corporation
InFocus® Corporation (Nasdaq: INFS) (OSE: IFC), the worldwide leader in digital projection technology and services, enhances thinking, learning and creativity in boardrooms, meeting rooms and classrooms and delivers superior home entertainment experiences by vividly projecting larger-than-life images from multiple sources including computers, DVD players, and PDAs. A recognized projection pioneer and innovator, InFocus provides the most comprehensive line of business and home projectors, projector management tools, wireless technology and projection engines. From the smallest and lightest mobile projectors and feature-packed meeting room products to the finest and most compact home entertainment projection solutions, InFocus has garnered industry acclaim for design, functionality and intuitive solutions. InFocus Corporation's global headquarters are located in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA, with regional offices in EMEA and Asia. For more information, visit the InFocus Corporation web site at or contact the company toll-free at 800.294.6400 (U.S. and Canada) or 503.685.8888 worldwide.

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