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Press Release  |  Jun 3, 2003

A Top Seller with Educators and Sales People

ORLANDO, Fla. (Infocomm, Booth #2301), June 3, 2003 - Carrying on the appeal of its best-selling SuperLite™ micro-portable projectors, Sony Electronics today introduced the VPL-EX1 and next generation models: the VPL-CS6 and VPL-CX6.

Sony's SuperLite projector series has been expanded to include a 1500 ANSI lumen, low-cost, high performance, entry-level XGA display. The VPL-EX1 SuperLite projector reproduces the standard XGA resolution of the latest laptops, including Sony's VAIO® computers, carried by today's mobile professionals. The model is expected to have a suggested list price of less than $2,400 and be available in June.

Refreshing the Sony SuperLite line, the company also unveiled the VPL-CS6 SuperLite projector. The new 1800 ANSI lumen SVGA projector features a new short throw focal lens for smaller classrooms and conference rooms. The noise level compared to Sony's previous model has also been reduced to whisper-quiet operation. Expected to be available in August, the VPL-CS6 SuperLite projector is anticipated to have a suggested list price of about $2,300.

Rounding out the company's new SuperLite offerings is the new top-of-the-line 2000 ANSI lumen VPL-CX6 SuperLite projector featuring a Memory Stick™ media card port, which makes it ideal for PC-less presentations. The VPL-CX6 SuperLite projector is expected to have a suggested list price of less than $3,300, when it becomes available in August.

"Sony's SuperLite projectors are a popular solution for the road warrior set, corporations, academic and government institutions," said Robert Meakin, marketing manager for projectors at Sony Electronics' Business Solutions and Systems Company. "With our latest projectors we made subtle enhancements, but kept to our winning design and attractive operating features. We expect our expanded line, which now includes the addition of the VPL-EX1 model, to continue to get our customers seal of approval. With these models we're offering one of the best price to performance ratios in the ultra-portable projector category."

Compact Design, Push-Button Simplicity
All three projectors feature 0.7-inch TFT LCD panels with 165 watt UHP lamp for high brightness image display and offer whisper-quiet operation. They also feature automatic controls and a sleek modern chassis design in a package about the size of a hardback novel.

In addition to pre-programmable options that enable users to configure the SuperLite projectors to recall certain settings, these units have password security software to help prevent unauthorized use. The picture will only be displayed if the operator has entered the correct password.

Like Sony's previous models, the new models will automatically adjust height and keystone configurations to pre-set levels immediately when powered on. The units feature a protective lens cover that automatically retracts.

The projectors can rest on a tabletop or be mounted to a ceiling thanks to a newly design chassis, which allows for the units to be suspended on a bracket. And now with the addition of an adjustable rear leg, Sony's VPL-CS6/CX6 and VPL-EX1 SuperLite projectors can be tilted for optimal picture height.

PC-Less Presentations
Sony's top-of-the-line VPL-CX6 SuperLite projector also features a Memory Stick port. The new unit accepts Memory Stick PRO™ removable media, making it ideal for PC-free presentations.

Meakin pointed out that in addition to Memory Stick® media, a presenter can also store and run their PowerPoint® presentation on a Sony CLIÉ ™ handheld device equipped with Margi's Presenter-To-Go™ software. Connected by an RGB cable to the VPL-CX6 SuperLite projector, a presenter can run a slide show and advance their slides using their handheld device.

The VPL-CX6 model also includes Projector Station™ Version 4.2 software for even easier transfer of files or conversions of PowerPoint presentations. With Projector Station software, users can display their presentation files and MPEG-1 files taken from a digital camera without using a PC. Now, through the software's "Picture Viewer" function, the presenter can manually set or automatically have the slide show repeat.

Sony's SuperLite projectors also feature a wide array of computer and video inputs, remote control capabilities and pre-programmable options. They accept composite video, S-Video, analog RGB/component, and SYNC/HV input signals and display computer images at up to native SXGA resolution. The units also include a USB port and offer the ability to advance PowerPoint slides by wireless mouse and remote control. They can display high contrast images (viewable area, measured diagonally, from 40 to 150 inches).

The new projectors weigh approximately 5.15 pounds and measure approximately 11 1/4 (w) x 2 5/8 (h) x 9 (d) inches.