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Press Release  |  Jun 3, 2003

Network Projector Control & NetControl Advanced Package SoftwareTurn any* projector into a network device, instantly

Now colleges and universities have a resource available to help deal with growing expectations and shrinking budgets. With the EIKI NPC-1 Media Center staff can perform routine inspection, or handhold an end user, without leaving the control center, saving valuable time and providing more timely response.

The EIKI NPC-1 system consists of a palm-sized projector-to-network interface, and supplied software with basic features permitting you to monitor projector status and manage projector functions.

The NPC-1 is a universal projector control system. Preconfigured for EIKI projectors, NPC-1 can control most projectors* ... from EIKI or other manufacturers, in current production or legacy ... with a simple file download**.

It's easy to configure and use. NPC-1 requires no programming. The NetControl Basic Package Software locates the NPC-1 on the network and assigns the projector. And, only the control program on the computer gets updates ... not the controller.

NetControl Advanced Package Software extends the power of the NPC-1, adding deeper level controls, multiple projector management, the creation and management of groups of projectors, the creation and execution of time-based events, the creation and operation of maintenance alerts (such as lamp life, both on-screen and via e-mail) and the creation and operation of security alerts (such as failure or theft, both on-screen and via e-mail).

Unlike web server systems, there is no delay time between command and execution, or feedback and display with the NPC-1 system. And true simultaneous execution of the same command on multiple devices is built-in (with the NetControl Advanced Package). And, the NPC-1 system is secure, because the brains of the system are in the computer ... not the controller. Even if the projector and controller are both disabled, the system can detect it and issue an alert (with the NetControl Advanced Package).

* The projector must be RS-232 controllable, and the control code must be available and comply with the conventional control standards implemented in the NPC-1.
** The required RS-232 control code must be already included in the NetControl Starter Package Online Update: if not, it will be added promptly and at no charge.