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EZtrol® EZ-200

Press Release  |  Jun 3, 2003

Simple, Affordable Projector Control

New Model Adds Assignable Functions, Contact Closure and Command Mirroring. The new EZ-200 adds flexibility, functionality, and extensibility to EZtrol. With EZ-200:
1. Pick the EIKI projector of your choice, without downloading. (EIKI code is preloaded.)
2. Use the button layout you want. Assign functions using the new GUI interface.
3. Control 1 projector with 2 EZ-200 (ex: one at the lectern, and one in the control room).
4. Control peripherals like screens or dimmers (2 contact closures, 1 RS-232 command).
5. Set shutdown timer to the period of inactivity you choose, in hours between 0 and 9.

And, it's an EZtrol. EZtrol makes unassisted instructor control of data/video projectors a practical reality in colleges and universities, by providing a simple, affordable, consistent local control interface regardless of the projector used. Unlike the hand-held remote controls supplied with projectors, EZtrol provides a small number of big, backlit buttons with large print. With EZtrol end users get easy access to only the projector functions they need!

EZtrol is low voltage DC powered: there are no dead batteries to replace. It's a wired RS-232 control, so there are no hit-or-miss Infrared line-of-sight issues. And, because it's installed, it can't be lost: it flush mounts on desktops or lecterns, in walls, anywhere. And, unlike local control systems available from other control manufacturers,

EZtrol is inexpensive to acquire, install, program, and update. That affordability makes EZtrol a viable control for every projector. And EZ-200 is compatible with most network devices.

EZtrol was designed for institutional use, by an institution. After extensive research, media professionals at a major US research university concluded that no off-the-shelf control system satisfied their needs; so, in 1998, they developed their own.

EZtrol is now installed in classrooms and lecture theaters across North America. Faculty report new confidence and increased use of projection systems. Media staff report that after installation of EZtrol, control-related support calls drop to zero.