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Introducing Heliodisplay(TM), a Projector that Displays Videos Into Thin Air

Press Release  |  Aug 7, 2003

Science Fiction Becomes Commercial Reality

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif., Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Remember Tom Cruise watching hovering videos of his wife and manipulating screenless data in Steven Spielberg's Minority Report? How about R2D2's playback of Princess Leia's distress message in George Lucas's Star Wars? Just some great special effects, right? Not any more. Soon a Heliodisplay(TM) display will be coming to a store near you.

IO2 Technology today announced that it has completed a working prototype of the Heliodisplay(TM) display, which can project TV, video and computer images into free space -- thin air. You can walk around, or even through, the floating image; something possible only in science fiction until now. The unit, now about the size of a bread box, currently projects images as large as 27 inches (diagonal) with a capability to expand to 150 inches.

The patent-pending device has interactive capabilities as well. Images can be manipulated just as though they were displayed on a conventional computer monitor, but with Heliodisplay(TM), instead of a mouse, a viewer uses a hand (no special glove needed) to move an image or a finger to move the cursor and select an object.

"With the launch of Heliodisplay(TM), IO2 Technology is pleased to open a new frontier in video display technology," said Chad Dyner, founder and CEO of the Hermosa Beach-based company. "Based on the initial reaction and feedback we've received, the consumer and commercial applications for Heliodisplay(TM) are endless.

"We've combined the unique display elements of the device with truly innovative design and production features to keep it cost competitive with other high-end and high-demand visual displays," he continued. "Our next objective is to identify a partner with whom we can ready the device for continued advancement as well as for full scale manufacturing and distribution.

About IO2 Technology
IO2 Technology ( ) was founded by Mr. Dyner to create and commercialize next-generation display technologies. Heliodisplay(TM) is the first such device released by the company. Mr. Dyner expects to use the Heliodisplay(TM) platform to create other devices that serve this market.