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Press Release  |  Sep 7, 2003

Proprietary DigiOpticTM Image Processor in HT300 LINK is a Revolutionary Concept in Home Theater Projectors

MIRAMAR, FL - CEDIA EXPO - September 2003 -- SIM2 USA, Inc. announces the addition of a 2nd generation remote DigiOptic™ Image Processor (DOIP) to the new HT300 LINK DLP™ front projector to provide greater installation flexibility and a wider choice of inputs. This advanced and unique technical solution provides quality connections to video sources up to 1600 feet away.

The Grand Cinema HT300 LINK is SIM2's flagship DLP™ High-Definition projector. It delivers remarkable color fidelity, sharp details and superb picture quality unlike any other single-chip DLP™ projector currently available. Now, with the addition of the advanced DOIP, the HT300 LINK will allow for pure installation ease and flexibility. The HT300 LINK also features HDMI™-HDCP and DVI inputs for future proof connectivity and perfect picture reproduction.

The HT300 LINK uses fiber optic cabling to allow for one connection from SIM2's proprietary new DOIP to the projector. The rack-mountable DOIP features a wide choice of inputs (including HDMITM-HDCP) and can be connected through a single fiber optic cable, coupled with a system of three high-speed laser beams, to the projector for a loss-free and interference free signal at a distance of up to 1600 feet away. The thin fiber optic cable can be run through the wall and hidden easily for a seamless installation.

As a new standard, the HT300 LINK is equipped with an enhanced, 6-segment color wheel, which is a high performance, low noise wheel that reduces noise upwards of 50% over previous Grand Cinema line models. Thanks to a sophisticated proprietary optical design (sealed) and a zoom lens, the HT300 LINK delivers rich, vibrant reds, blues and greens.

The HT300 LINK utilizes the new Texas Instruments HD2+ chip set. The HD2+ chip delivers a High-Definition resolution of 1280 x 720 and micromirror tilting angle of 12°. The new HD2+ chip, along with a further improved color wheel and light engine, allows the SIM2 HT300 LINK to reach a true contrast ratio of >2800:1. In respect to the already excellent performance of the original HT300, SIM2 has further improved the black level by 28% and added a brightness burst function which increases the brightness up to 15%. The HT300 LINK features both an HDMITM-HDCP and DVI input that allow a complete digital connectivity to an increasing amount of video sources equipped with digital outputs. This guarantees a perfect reproduction, without any loss of information or interference in the signal.

On-board 2nd generation DCDi™, powered by Faroudja, applies video enhancement and motion adaptive deinterlacing to prevent the introduction of motion artifacts and jagged edges from video signals that originated from video cameras. The DCDi also features patented 3/2 pull-down with advanced edit detection for exact reconstruction of the original film frame.

For ease of use, SIM2 has equipped the HT300 LINK with a backlit remote control for easy access to product commands and OSD functions in dark environments. As always, the HT300 LINK has an elegant design whose smooth curves make it a high-class focal point of any décor.

Also new from SIM2 is the HT300 XTRA, a model that features Texas Instruments HD2+ chip set. As in the HT300 LINK, the HT300 XTRA delivers a High-Definition resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels that coupled with the further improved color wheel and light engine, allows the projector to reach a true contrast ratio of >2800:1. The HT300 XTRA features all the properties of the HT300 LINK, but does not feature the DigiOpticTM Image Processor connected via fiber optics and does not feature the HDMITM input, but for a true digital connectivity it features the DVI input.

The HT300 LINK and the HT300 LINK XTRA are available in Gun Metal, Burgundy and Shiny Silver. The HT300 LINK's MSRP is set at $14,995. The HT300 XTRA's MSRP is set at $11,995.

Since their entrance into the US home theater market in 1999, SIM2 USA, under the guidance of its parent SIM2 Multimedia, has dedicated its resources to designing, developing and marketing products that meet the demand of the US market. SIM2 Multimedia, a worldwide leading manufacturer of home theater products for over ten years, successfully executes its mission of engineering home entertainment products that deliver uncompromising performance to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding home theater enthusiast.

DLP is a trademark of Texas Instruments.