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Ultralink/XLO Announces Premium DVI-D Cables for High Bandwidth Digital Video

Press Release  |  Oct 9, 2003

Exclusive micro-welded terminations insure higher reliability and performance

October 9, 2003 -- Ontario, California -- Ultralink, a division of Ultralink/XLO Products, Inc., is now shipping their Videophile Pro DVI-D dual-link digital video interface cable. The 24-pin male to 24-pin male cable includes a proprietary connector and cable solution for pure digital video transfers. Ultralink's DVI-D solutions are now shipping in pre-terminated lengths from 1- to 10-meters with suggested retail prices from $80 to $220 respectively.

"As source and display resolution gets better and better, the sheer volume of data and the speed and accuracy of its transmission become the limiting factors in actually achieving the potential performance of today's products," stated Don Bouchard, Sales and Marketing VP. "Cables are the most pervasive component in the entire system. They deserve the consideration of design and investment at least equal to that of any other major component in the system. A well thought out and properly designed cabling solution will insure that much of the system's potential performance isn't left in the box. Our new DVI-D cable is the best available and will give the customer every bit of the performance that they paid for and expect. As part of a complete Ultralink cabling system, it will raise the entire level of performance -- as if each and every component in that system had been upgraded," Bouchard concluded.

Exclusive Heavy-Duty Connector Design
A special Ultralink-designed injection-molded connector and termination method was developed for this difficult-to-manufacture interface. The connector can support ATSC resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 and vivid 24-bit color. Proprietary micro-welding technology is used for the incredibly fine conductors with no foreign metal usage to improve both performance and reliability. Contacts are 24K gold-plated directly to the conductor and are provided on all 24 pins of the dual-link interface for guaranteed and reliable signal transfers.

Digital Video Cable Design
Unlike analog signals, digital signals are less tolerant of signal loss and noise due to throw distances and interference. Analog video will still produce a picture, albeit one with loss of detail and resolution, after significant signal degradation. But DVI's digital video format will first show "sparkles" or sample fall-out and then, when dropped below a certain point -- no image at all at the display. To insure the longest signal transfer, an ultra low-loss nitrogen-injected dielectric has been specified for the cable. This ensures the longest signal transfer without signal loss. Ultralink's 100 Ohm DVI cable systems are also quad-shielded for maximum protection from EM and RF interference. A virgin PVC outer casing, not only protects the cable, but also facilitates in-wall and conduit installations. As with all Ultralink interconnects, Laboratory Grade 6N (99.99997%) purity copper is used in both conductors and shield for improved performance in all areas.

Responsibly engineered for UL/CSA listing, the Videophile Pro DVI-D cables are CL-2/FT-4 rated for the custom installation applications. Standard with all Ultralink cables, a lifetime guarantee is included.

About Ultralink/XLO Products, Inc.
Ultralink/XLO Products, Inc., headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance audio and video cables, interconnects and related power accessories. Marketed around the world, the Ultralink brand is Canada's market share leader and is now ranked among the top ten in the U.S. Much of the corporation's growth and significant product innovations are devoted to the world's transition to DTV (digital television), the popularity of home DVD and multi-channel audio applications. In early 2002 Ultralink Products Inc. acquired XLO Electric Co., Inc. a professional and audiophile reference brand of cables and interconnects. Ultralink is a member of PARA, CEDIA and the CEA. For more information on Ultralink/XLO and their product brands, please call 909-947-6960 or find them at

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