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Press Release  |  Oct 15, 2003

High-luminosity projection XJ-350 with micro-portable configuration
XJ-450 projector with auto vertical & horizontal auto keystone correction & auto focus

DOVER, NJ, October 15, 2003 – Casio, Inc., in conjunction with its parent company, Casio Computer Company, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, today entered the Data Projector Market. The company introduced two new high-luminosity mobile projector models (XJ-350 and XJ-450) that are designed and engineered to add a new dimension of portability to the data projector market. To complete this new line, Casio also introduced a new 4-megapixel CCD multi-functional document copy stand (YC-400). These new products are scheduled for release into the business and education markets starting in December.

The XJ-350 and XJ450 mobile projectors employ an original new condenser lens and light source lamp that deliver high-brightness images that can be clearly viewed under normal lighting conditions, in a compact, highly portable configuration. The XJ-350 delivers an amazing 2200 ANSI lumens from a minuscule 9”x7”x2’ size configuration, while the XJ450 with its letter-sized footprint delivers a stunning 2800 ANSI lumens. Both models come with a 2X optical zoom lens, by far the highest zoom level available for any micro-portable data projector, which makes it possible to project onto a screen as close as 32” (0.8 meters)*. This means that these projectors can be used with ease in environments where meeting space is limited.

* 30" projection screen

The XJ-450 includes a phase differential sensor system for automatic vertical and horizontal keystone correction, as well as auto focus. This makes it possible to project a completely square, undistorted image onto a screen that is not directly in line with the projector, without manual adjustment. These new-generation mobile projectors meet the needs of a wide range of applications, from in-house meetings to presentations on the road.

The new YC-400 Document Copy Stand & Digital Camera also plays an important role in maximizing the range of applications for the projector. Equipped with a high-resolution 4-megapixel CCD and an automatic adjustment feature that automatically corrects the positioning between the camera and subject so that it appears squarely on the screen, the YC-400 is much more than simply a document camera. In addition to printed documents, this camera can be used for instantly projecting images of white board contents, 3-dimensional objects, as a digital scanner and as a fully functioning, stand-alone digital camera.

Type Model Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Scheduled Release
Mobile Projector XJ-350 US $3,999 December 2003
XJ-450 US $4,999 February 2004
Document Copy Stand & Digital Camera YC-400 US $1,999 February 2004

We believe that Casio Mobile Presentation Solutions will create innovative communication applications and generate increased demand by positioning CASIO projectors and PJ cameras as the premier mobile presentation technology that defines maximum efficiency in the delivery and analysis of ideas.


High-brightness projector in a mobile configuration
CASIO’s original optical design and proprietary lamp technology combine to provide a high-brightness projector in an ultra-portable package. The XJ-350 delivers 2200 ANSI lumens in a 9”x7”x2” configuration, while the slightly larger XJ-450 delivers 2800 ANSI lumens.

  • Inverse Meniscus Condenser (IMC) lens
    A totally new optical system built around a proprietary IMC lens makes it possible to reduce the size of the lens by 30%*.
    * Based on simulations using typical design methods.
  • Acornic Reflector (ACR)
    A unique asymmetrically designed lamp reflector maximizes the performance output of the projection lamp. The result is increased brightness that is 30% greater than normal*.

* Based on simulations using typical design methods.

2X optical zoom -- tops for portable data projectors
A new wide-angle zoom lens provides 2X optical zoom capabilities. This results in the ability to project images at a minimum distance of just 32” (0.8 meters), or within a range of 5.2’ (1.6 meters) to 10.5’ (3.2 meters) when using a 60-inch screen. Now the projector is easily adaptable to any sized environment, from an office meeting of only a few people, to full classroom applications. Casio’s new optical system maximizes the benefits an aspherical lens design. This combined with the use of low dispersion glass serves to deliver superior images at a volume and weight that is 1/3 less than previous models**.

** Based on simulations using typical design methods.

Phase differential sensor for auto keystone correction and auto focus (XJ-450)
The XJ-450’s phase differential sensor automatically detects vertical and horizontal distortion of the projected image, and an original algorithm is applied to perform automatic image correction. This creates images that are appear natural and are distortion free, without the need for manual adjustments. The projector can be located off center within a range of 30 degrees vertically and horizontally from the screen and still be instantly squared automatically. Combine the auto-keystone correction with the 2X optical zoom and auto focus and the set-up time for the XJ-450 is kept to an absolute minimum (truly a plug and play projector).

Native XGA support
Both of the XJ series projectors feature true XGA (1,024×768) signal resolution and support UXGA 1,600 x 1,200 in a compressed mode. Video input terminals allow signal input from a variety of different sources.


11” x 6” size 4-megapixel high-resolution camera
The camera comes in a diminutive 11”x6”x2” configuration for extreme portability, a perfect travel companion for the XJ series projectors. The camera's 4-megapixel CCD provides the means to capture and project images of everything from documents to 3-dimensional objects. Features include maximum 3X optical zoom (1.8X in Document Camera Mode), Auto Focus, and other powerful camera features. The camera may even be removed from the stand and used as a stand-alone digital camera. The YC-400 is truly multi-functional, more than just a document camera the YC-400 can also be used to digitally capture and project images of entire whiteboard contents, 3-dimensional objects, and any other material that may be used during a meeting or presentation. Images recorded with the camera can be stored in computer memory for future reference. You could, for example, capture and store images of whiteboard contents and keep an electronic record of both projected images and handwritten information. A Scanner Mode even lets you record and store images of documents all from the same unit.

Auto adjust feature aligns documents and sets up the camera automatically
An original image algorithm lets you crop an image and store only the portion you want, and even adjusts image alignment, color, and other parameters automatically. When capturing or projecting images of documents, for example, you do not need to waste time ensuring that each page is aligned correctly, the YC-400 performs image alignment automatically. Even when recording the image of whiteboard contents or of 3-dimensional objects, you can crop out backgrounds and make images easier to view and understand.

Availability: The complete line of Casio presentation products will be available via a network of CASIO authorized ProAV dealers throughout the USA and Canada according to the dates noted in the chart above. For information about a dealer in your area please visit


Model Name XJ-350 XJ-450
Brightness 2200 ANSI lumens 2800 ANSI lumens
Light Source 200W high-pressure mercury lamp 250W high-pressure mercury lamp
Keystone Adjustment

Vert: Auto +/-30 Degrees
Horz: Manual +/-8 Degrees

Vert: Auto +/-30 Degrees
Horz: Auto +/-30 Degrees
Focual Point Adjustment Manual Focus Auto Focus
Projection Lens Optical 2X zoom f20.0 to 40.0mm/F2.0 to 2.8 Optical 2X zoom f20.0 to 40.0mm/F2.0 to 2.8
Projection Screen Size 15 inches to 300 inches 15 inches to 300 inches
Projection Range Minimum: 0.8m60" screen: 1.6m to 3.2m; 100" screen: 2.7m to 5.4m (100 inches) Minimum: 0.8m60" screen: 1.6m to 3.2m; 100" screen: 2.7m to 5.4m (100 inches)
Projection System DLP ™ DLP ™
Display Element 0.7" DMD 786,432 pixels (1,024×768) 0.7" DMD 786,432 pixels (1,024×768)
Number of Colors Full color (16.77 million colors) Full color (16.77 million colors)
Scanning of Frequency 15 to 92 kHz (horizontal); 50 to 85Hs (vertical) 15 to 92 kHz (horizontal); 50 to 85Hs (vertical)
RBB Input Display Resolution: Native Display: XGA (1,024 x 768) maxCompressed Display: UXGA (1,600 x 1,200)
Signal System: Separate
Input Terminals: RGB Mini D-Sub 15 pin x 1
Display Resolution: Native Display: XGA (1,024 x 768) maxCompressed Display: UXGA (1,600 x 1,200)
Signal System: Separate
Input Terminals: RGB Mini D-Sub 15 pin x 1
Video Input Signal System: NTSC, PAL, PAL-N, PAL-M, PAL60, SECAM, YcbCr, YPbPr
Input Terminals: S Port (Separate) x 1; RCA pin terminal (Composite) x 1
Signal System: NTSC, PAL, PAL-N, PAL-M, PAL60, SECAM, YcbCr, YPbPr
Input Terminals: S Port (Separate) x 1; RCA pin terminal (Composite) x 1
Audio Input: Stereo mini jack x 1
Output: 1W monaural
Input: Stereo mini jack x 1
Output: 1W monaural
USB Input Remote mouse control Remote mouse control
Power Requirements 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Approx. Dimensions 9” (230mm) (W) x 2.1” (55mm) (H) x 6.7” (171mm) (D) 10.9” (278mm) (W) x 2.5” (64mm) (H) x 7.6” (194mm) (D)
Approx. Weight 3.96lbs (1.8kgs) 5.28lbs (2.4kg)
Remote Wireless Wireless w/ laser pointer

YC-400 Document Copy Stand & 4MP Digital Camera Specifications

Imaging Element 1/2.5" square pixel primary color CCD(Total Pixels: 4.23 million; effective pixels 4.00 million)
Display Resolution XGA (1,024 x 768), SVGA (800 x 600), through display (320 x 240)
Projection F = 5.8 to 17.4mm (35mm format: 35.0 to 105.0mm), F2.6 to 4.8

Optical: 1.8x Auto (Document Camera Mode, Scanner Mode)3x auto (Board Camera Mode, Business Camera Mode)

Digital: 7.5 x scrollable

Focal Point Adjustment Contrast type auto focus
Projection Range 12.2” / 31cm (Document Camera Mode, Scanner Mode)15.7” / 40cm to infinite(Board Camera Mode, Business Camera Mode)
Shutter Speed Auto
Aperture Auto
White Balance Auto
Image Rotation Support (90, 180, 270 Degrees)
Terminals USB (1.1) x 1
Power Requirements 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions Storage: 6.6” (168mm) (W) x 1.7” (43mm) (H) x 11.2” (285mm) (D)Operational: 12.9” (327mm) (W) x 15.2” (385mm) (H) x 10.5” (267mm) (D)
Weight 3.5lbs / 1.6kg

DLP is a trademark of Texas Instruments. Other company, product and service names used herein may also be trademarks or service marks of other companies.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Casio, Inc., Dover, N.J., is the U.S. subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Casio, Inc., markets calculators, business organizers, handheld personal computers, keyboards, digital cameras, portable color TVs, timepieces (Wrist Technology), cash registers and other consumer electronic products. Casio, the unexpected extra – for more information visit our web site at

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Contact: Roxanne Jurtschenko
Casio, Inc.