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Philips New cClear Projectors Offer Wireless Connectivity, Best-In-Class Brightness

Press Release  |  Nov 17, 2003

LAS VEGAS, November 17, 2003 - Philips Electronics new range of high-performance multimedia projectors offer business users the winning combination of best-in-class brightness, future-proof design and extensive connectivity - including 802.11b (WiFi) wireless LAN connectivity. The new cClear Series of projectors, showcased today at COMDEX 2003, will offer large and medium-sized companies and higher education institutions alike a choice of projectors. Featuring an unbeatable price-performance ratio and a vast array of features, the cClear Series represents an unprecedented value in today's market.

"The Philips cClear Series combines cost efficiency with innovative features to offer the marketplace a projector for every need," said Steve Barlow, product marketing manager, Philips Consumer Electronics, North America. "Particularly useful is our wireless feature that frees users from being tethered to their PC thereby allowing them to present from any point in a room."

The cClear Series consist of three products: the cClear XG1 Wireless (wireless version with XGA native resolution and wireless networking), the cClear XG1 (wired version with XGA native resolution) and the cClear SV1 (wired version with SVGA native resolution). All three units deliver impressive brightness of 2600 ANSI lumens, the brightest in their class. The cClear Series also brings a new level of sophistication to the business presentation market with the ability to display two presentations simultaneously.

Fast and Easy Wireless Connectivity
Wireless is the future of projection. Convenient, cable-free operation simplifies the mobile presenter's life, saving time by allowing multiple users to share, connect and present with ease. The cClear XG1 Wireless offers best-in-class wireless connectivity from any virtually computer equipped with a standard 802.11b wireless network card in terms of speed, overall performance and convenience. The cClear's unique wireless architecture provides presenters with greater freedom of movement, without compromising performance.

Unlike conventional wireless projectors, image quality is preserved thanks to Philips' innovative compression algorithms, which provide high-speed screen transitions with minimal latency and without visible artifacts. To increase the speed of screen transitions, these algorithms detect only changes to the projected image rather than the complete screen image. Consequently, the cClear XG1 Wireless has the fastest screen refresh speed in the business. Users can select from two wireless modes: Best Quality (where picture quality equals that of its wired siblings) or High Speed (for "real time" professional presentations). To simplify the wireless user interface, Philips has developed PresenterMax software, which allows even first-time users to quickly and easily configure the projector's wireless network settings. The PresenterMax software is supplied on an installation CD-ROM and can also be downloaded over the network from the projector itself using a standard web browser interface. The PresenterMax software automatically detects all required Wireless LAN settings, which greatly simplifies set-up.

Dual Window Display
This feature allows the display of two separate input signals (e.g. from two computers or a DVD player and computer) to be projected simultaneously from one cClear projector. The two independently controlled images can appear side-by-side (split screen) or as picture-in-picture. The double window feature is ideal for interactive meetings where action points, diagrams and comparisons are needed, or to show meeting participants during a videoconference.

State-of-the-Art Brightness
The cClear Series utilizes three 0.79-inch high performance polysilicon LCD panels and a high efficiency 200 Watt Philips UHPTM lamp to achieve impressive light output of 2600 ANSI lumens with 400:1 contrast ratio. While outperforming the competition in terms of brightness, the cClear Series also offers the lowest fan noise in their class, a mere 30dB thanks to the unique combination of Philips Air System and SmartDimmer features, which provide superior cooling and enhanced lamp life. Philips projectors are renowned for their picture performance and the cClear Series is no exception - the projectors are unsurpassed in terms of brightness, sharpness, contrast, color reproduction and reliability.

Powerful Security
While the cClear Series is attractive to users, Philips' SecurityMaxTM makes it extremely unattractive to potential thieves. A non-erasable start-up screen clearly identifies the rightful owner. The projector also can be programmed to shut down automatically after a certain period - only a PIN code can reactivate the projector. Warning stickers act as a theft deterrent, and an integrated slot for a Kensington lock helps reduce the chance of theft even further.

Smart Investment, Maximum Value
cClear's forward-thinking technology is unique among today's high-quality projectors in that it offers advanced compatibility, extended connectivity and is packed with special features that enhance user productivity. Whatever the image source - from desktop, laptop or DVD - Philips' cClear Series offers exceptional value for the money. By combining leading-edge performance, extensive connectivity and features such as Selectable Cooldown, SmartDimmer and 2D keystone correction, the cClear Series stands alone as the high-end projector of choice for high performance projection applications. Add to this Philips' standard quality features such as ColorTrackingTM, SmartSetTM, HDTVreadyTM, SmartSaveTM and YourLogoTM; a reputation for high reliability and durability; high power six Watt internal speaker system; and excellent warranty and support, and the cClear Series is clearly a class apart - a uniquely affordable projector Series for all business and higher education needs. The cClear XG1 Wireless will retail for $4,995. The cClear XG1 will retail for $4,495, and the cClear SV1 will retail for $3,995. All cClear units are currently available.

Guaranteed Reliability
The cClear projectors are backed by a three-year warranty covering parts and labor. The warranty includes the Philips First Choice program, which offers a free help line for assistance and technical support, seven days a week. In addition, free Roadside Assistance service is available for more difficult problems and offers a temporary replacement with free delivery within 48 hours.

About Royal Philips Electronics
Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is one of the world's biggest electronics companies and Europe's largest, with sales of $30.1 billion (EUR 31.8 billion) in 2002. It is a global leader in color television sets, lighting, electric shavers, medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring, and one-chip TV products. Its 166,000 employees in more than 60 countries are active in the areas of lighting, consumer electronics, domestic appliances, components, semiconductors, and medical systems. Philips is quoted on the NYSE (symbol: PHG), London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and other stock exchanges.