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Visual Systems Research Launches New Wide Screen Anamorphic Lens Models

Optical technology paves the way for affordable wide screen cinema formats in the home theater industry

Waterford, Michigan – December 3, 2003 – Visual Systems Research, Inc., a leading provider of specialized optical components for the projection television industry, today announced the introduction of two new models in its Panamorph™ line of anamorphic lenses for digital wide screen projection applications.

Panamorph lenses use proprietary optics to increase the brightness and resolution of 16:9 wide screen projectors when showing the wider 2.35:1 format of most major motion pictures. They can also be used to increase the brightness and resolution of commercial 4:3 projectors for all wide screen applications.

The model PSO-U100 Panamorph is a new general purpose anamorphic lens that independently mounts in front of hundreds of current projector models. Integrated with the lens is a miniature rail system to easily move the Panamorph in and out of the projector beam without requiring realignment.

The model PSO-SX21A Panamorph is a custom anamorphic lens specifically designed to easily attach to the JVC DLA-SX21U and DLA-HX1U models of projectors.

"These new lens models come at an exciting time for wide-screen projector applications, especially in home theater." said Shawn Kelly, CEO. "Used in combination with high performance 16:9 projectors, the Panamorph creates stunning images in the 2.35:1 format – the most popular aspect ratio for major motion pictures."

Introductory suggested retail pricing of the new models is set at $1,495 for the PSO-U100 and $1,695 for the PSO-SX21A. Panamorph lenses are distributed through audio visual dealers and installers.

About Visual Systems Research, Inc.
Founded in 1999, Visual Systems Research, Inc. (www.visr.com) develops, licenses and manufactures proprietary technologies and products for electronic displays including projection systems and virtual displays. For more information on Panamorph lenses, visit www.panamorph.com.

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