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Draper Access Screens Save Time

Press Release  |  Dec 11, 2003

(Spiceland, Ind.) -The problem: You want a ceiling-recessed screen, but you don't know what projector will be used in the room-and the projector determines the optimum size, aspect ratio, and viewing surface. The solution: Draper's patented Access screens. Order and install the extruded aluminum case now and order the screen later, after the projector decision is made. Or make the decision at a later date-the screen can be ordered through any local dealer. That's the added value of Draper's Access-installing any other ceiling-recessed screen after completion is messy and expensive. Mounting brackets slide in tracks along the top of the case, making installation a quick and easy job. Later, the patented plug-in junction box and internal sliding brackets mean roller/viewing surface installation takes about 10 minutes.

Access screens are available in a variety of sizes, aspect ratios-including 16:9-viewing surfaces and control options. The Access features a narrow, unobtrusive slot for passage of the viewing surface--or choose the Ultimate Access, with Draper's patented automatic ceiling closure that retracts into the case, completely finishing the bottom of the case.

For more information on the Access and Ultimate Access, and on Draper's recessed projector lifts and window shades, visit