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Press Release  |  Jan 1, 2004

WHITE PLAINS, New York (January 1, 2004) - Audio Design Associates, Inc. (ADA) announced today that will be unveiling the most evolutionary component for whole-house multi-room distributed audio and home theater at the 2004 International CES in Las Vegas, NV on Thursday, January 8th, 2004. The HTR-2400, the world's first "Home & Theater ReceiverÔ" will forever change the custom installation marketplace as it combines an eight-source, eight-zone multi-room system with a digital 7.1 surround-sound A/V receiver. As the undisputed founder of custom-installed electronics, ADA has a twenty-six year heritage in providing cutting-edge products that have shaped the custom installation landscape. From its 1977 introductions including the world's first multi-zone system (System 56), to 1988 and the world's first multi-channel home theater power amplifier (MPA-6), to 1995 and the world's first Dolby Digital preamplifier (SSD-66 5.1) and in 1996 the first DTS preamplifier (DTS-1), ADA has consistently taken new technologies to market ahead of all others. "Our focus is to innovate custom installation by delivering new technologies that have the greatest value." states Albert G. Langella, ADA's President, CEO, and Chief Design Engineer. "The HTR-2400 represents the merging of two critical home systems in a single design. This will help simplify all aspects of the custom installed project, from design and sale, to installation and operation. It is perhaps the most ground-breaking new product we have ever introduced and likely the most revolutionary new CI product of 2004."

The HTR-2400 is a twenty-first century design and is based on several completely new all-digital applications. This includes the use of digital amplification for all zones and the home theater, in total, twenty-four channels at 100 Watts per channel, hence the use of "2400" in its model number. The HTR-2400 also employs a Dolby Digital EX and DTS digital decoder for home theater preamplification. Finally, the HTR-2400 features a built-in XM Satellite Radio digital tuner, making it the first product of its kind to include XM Radio as an onboard tuning option.

"The HTR-2400 is an incredible component in that it features everything one might need for both home and theater audio/video." claims Richard D. Stoerger, Vice President and COO. "While ADA offers every feature of the HTR-2400 as separates: the Suite 8x8 and Suite 16 multi-room systems; Tune Suite FM/AM/WX and XM multi-tuner; Suite 7.1, Cinema Rhapsody Mach II and Cinema Reference Mach II home theater preamplifiers; and the PTM-8100, PTM-8150, and MPA-501/PF-2501 home theater multi-channel power amplifiers, this is the first time ever that any manufacturer has attempted to include all of these cutting edge technologies into a single chassis. The HTR-2400 is the most amazing new product concept."

The HTR-2400 includes two built-in tuners that operate independently. One zone can play the standard radio tuner that is capable of playing FM, AM and Weather Band (WX) radio while another zone can play XM Radio. These tuners make up two of the eight sources that can be played throughout the home. As such, an additional six components can be added for house-wide playback. These components can be both audio and video as the HTR-2400 features house-wide composite video switching and distribution. All eight house-wide components can also be selected in the home theater, a ninth zone complete with Dolby Digital EX, DTS 5.1, and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding. The home theater zone features five additional digital inputs, three coax and two optical TOS-Link, as well as four S-Video and three component video (HDTV) inputs. To make certain that the sound lives up to ADA's reputation of quality, the HTR-2400 employs three eight-channel digital power amplifiers provided by D2 Audio. These completely new amplifier designs deliver 100 Watts per channel. As such, each of the HTR-2400's eight zones is driven by 200 Watts with the ninth home theater zone powered by 800 Watts. Stoerger continues, "The sound of the HTR-2400 is very impressive, especially considering its price-point of $9,900."

The HTR-2400 also features digital and analog audio record outputs that track the theater zone. There is an eight-channel analog home theater audio output for those who intend to employ external power amplifiers for the home theater. Langella states, "We wanted to make certain that the HTR-2400 would work well with our entire line of multi-channel home theater power amplifiers. The HTR-2400 even features a built-in low-voltage trigger output that can automatically engage any of our external power amplifiers whenever the theater is turned on." The HTR-2400 also features a six channel analog audio input for connection to multi-channel DVD Audio or SACD players. To make it possible for remote room control of all source components connected to the HTR-2400, ADA has included its IRL-5000 Infrared Learner/Controller. The HTR-2400 can capture IR signals using the original manufacturer's remote control and using a PC program, lay these captured functions on a keypad template brought up on the PC. Once all commands are captured and mapped, the PC downloads the signals and map set into non-volatile memory in the HTR-2400. As such, a custom installer can program the HTR-2400 in their shop, then unplug the unit and install it in the home without loosing valuable source control programming. There are eight 1/8-inch mini-jack IR outputs directly on the HTR-2400 for connection to IR emitters/flashers that are frequently used in custom installed systems. The HTR-2400 also features four switched AC power outlets that can be used to power source components only when they are being used.

The HTR-2400 also features eight RJ-45 ADA Cat-Link terminals for connection to ADA keypads via standard Cat. 5 wire. ADA offers a full line of keypads that can control the HTR-2400 including the MC-5011, MC-5511, MC-6011, MC-5000, MC-4500, MC-5500, MC-3000 OD, and MC-3800 OD. The MC-3000 OD and MC-3800 OD are all-weather outdoor keypads that are designed for year-round outdoor operation. The MC-5500 and MC-4500 keypads feature a twelve-character alphanumeric display that indicates system status, source functions, as well as direct feedback from the HTR-2400's internal FM/AM/WX tuner and the XM Radio tuner. With the XM tuner, the display will read channel number, name, category, artist and song information making it easy for anyone to surf the 100 plus channels of XM Radio by name or genre. The MC-6011 also features a similar display but fits a single gang Decora keypad like the more basic MC-5011 and MC-5511. The keypads with display also permit users to operate their system as a radio alarm clock. The HTR-2400 features a built-in 99-year clock calendar that has battery backup power. As such, people can have their zone turn off at night (sleep timer) and in the morning also wake them up. While keypad prices vary, the addition of the basic yet extremely functional. MC-5011 Keypad ($250 each x 8 keypads) still brings the entire system price in at less than $12,000. Stoerger feels, "When you consider everything that the HTR-2400 does: a full digital home theater system with amplification, plus eight rooms fully powered that can play independently of each other, plus the standard radio tuner and then the amazing XM tuner, the IR learner/controller for non-ADA source gear, and you have a custom installer's dream component."

The HTR-2400 features ports that extend its integration with other home systems. The RS-232 port permits the HTR-2400 to be setup and programmed from a PC using ADA's software. Here an installer can setup tuner presets for both FM, AM, WX, and XM radio; setup room names and whole-house source assignments, program the IR learner, and setup the home theater preamplifier. Furthermore, this two-way data port can also connect to touch-screen control systems for full home integration. The HTR-2400 also features an ADA Bus Data Port permitting additional ADA Bus devices to be connected to it such as ADA's Aquarius hard-drive CD server. The Aquarius comes in four sizes (500 disc, 1000 disc, 1500 disc, and 2500 disc capacity) and features either two or four simultaneous play outputs. It stores CDs fully uncompressed, bit-for-bit, for optimum sound quality. While the Aquarius can be connected to a home PC network so that several members of the family can upload or download music, manage the library, and create playlists, it can also integrate with the HTR-2400 as either two or four sources on the whole-house system. ADA keypads with displays, like the MC-4500 and MC-5500 can search its database by title, artist, playlist or genre with full text feedback of the song and artist in play.

Langella chooses to note, "The HTR-2400, while enormously complex, is designed to be easy to operate. The front panel, in addition to featuring a wide-screen color LCD video display, has only four knobs that control the home theater as well as the entire house. It just doesn't get any easier than that." While the room knob allows one to select a specific room, the source knob is used to dial in the desired component and the volume knob to set the appropriate volume level. The mode knob is specific to the home theater zone, scrolling through surround sound modes. Transport function buttons flank the right and left side of the video display and are used to control sources. A centrally located "Off" button is used to turn off zones. An internal graphics generator displays functions and settings on the LCD video display.

The HTR-2400 is sold exclusively through ADA's worldwide network of Authorized ADA Dealers and will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2004.

Located in White Plains, NY, Audio Design Associates is acknowledged as the preeminent leader in custom installed electronics and is the recognized brand of excellence for multi-room and home theater technologies.