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Panasonic Introduces New Series Of XGA Micro-Portable LCD Projectors

Press Release  |  Apr 27, 2004

High-End Model Combines Wireless Operation With Notebook Size

SECAUCUS, NJ (April 27, 2004) – Panasonic has announced a new family of ultra-compact XGA micro-portable LCD projectors that offer high performance, fast operation and sophisticated features.

Panasonic's new PT-LB10 projector family consists of the wireless, 2000-lumens PT-LB10NTU; the 2000-lumens PT-LB10U unit and the 1600-lumens PT-LB10VU. These ultra-light units are easy to move between locations, from a boardroom to a classroom, from a church setting to a training center.

The PT-LB10 family packs powerful features in their notebook-size footprint. The three models offer XGA resolution and offer a high brightness and a high contrast ratio (500:1 for the PT-LB10NTU and PT-LB10U and 400:1 for the PT-LB10VU). The new projectors are super-slim at just 2.9" high and weigh under five pounds (PT-LB10U and PT-LB10VU weigh 4.7 pounds and the PT-LB10NTU weighs 4.9 pounds).

The PT-LB10NTU comes equipped with an IEEE 802.11b-compliant LAN card and Wireless Manager ME software for quick and easy wireless presentations. With no obstruction, the unit's wireless operating range is up to 55 yards (50 meters).

With its new user-friendly interface, the PT-LB10NTU offers a "Live" mode for single-user presentations, or a "Multi-live" mode for up to four presenters. In Multi-live mode, data from up to four PCs can be projected in either a Four Window or Index style. In Four Window style, the PT-LB10NTU projects into four separate, equally-sized windows on the screen. In Index style, the PT-LB10NTU projects images from up to four PCs as small thumbnail windows at the screen's bottom. Using the unit's remote control, a user can select the index window he wants to display in the main window. The projector follows the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) adopted by the U.S. government.

The three units offer extremely quick operation with dedicated functions including five-second Speed Start, which assures that an image will appear in about 5 seconds after the power button is pushed; one-touch Auto Setup with Digital Keystone Correction; and Direct Power Off, which allows a user to move the projector immediately after his presentation without having to wait until it cools down. In addition, they're remarkably simple to install and operate with just three control buttons – power, input and auto setup.

The PT-LB10 family is outfitted with high-performance features including Projector AI, which automatically adjusts the lamp power in real time to the optimize it to the picture; a unique Index Window that allows any image in a presentation (RGB or video input) to be frozen, stored in memory and displayed on the screen's left side, while display of subsequent images continues on the right; and a Auto Power Offer mode that allows a time (in 5-minute increments) to be specified for the unit to automatically enter standby.

For high security, the projectors offer anti-theft functions including a security lock, user password protection, control panel lock-out (which can only be canceled by the unit's remote control), and text superimposing whereby a user can program a text line-- such as a company name, URL or warning of choice -- at the bottom of the projected image.

For up-close presentations, the projectors are equipped with a large-diameter, extra-short throw lens that shortens the necessary projection distance. For example, a user can project on a 100-inch wide screen from less than 10 feet away.

The three units are HDTV compatible and can automatically resize 1080i and 720p images for 16:9 wide-aspect display; 480p, 480i and 625i component video signals and S-Video can also be displayed in either 4:3 or 16:9.

Additional features include automatic input signal detector, color temperature selection (standard/high/low), picture mode selection (standard/dynamic/natural), sRGB compatibility, 3X digital zoom and focus, still and freeze mode, eight-language on-screen menu with graphical icons, discrete S-video and video inputs for connecting two DVD/video sources at the same time, lamp power high/low selection, advanced shutter function for image muting, fan control for high elevations (above 4,600 feet), temperature warning indication and card-type remote control. The projectors' dimensions are 11-23/32" W x 2-9/16" H x 8-9/32" D.

The PT-LB10NTU, PT-LB10U and PT-LB10VU are available at suggested list prices of $3,599, $2,999 and $2,599 respectively.

Panasonic offers a high level of service and support with a three-year or 2,000-hour limited warranty (whichever comes first) on the projector, a 90-day warranty on the user-replaceable lamp module and a 24-hour "ZipIt" projector exchange program.

For more information on Panasonic's complete line of projectors and plasma systems, phone 1-888-843-9788 or find us on the web at

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