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Gefen Offers Three Ways To Extend
High Definition Video Displays, HDTVs and Projectors

Press Release  |  Jun 6, 2004

New Method Allows “Old-School” CAT-5 Cables to Transmit HD Video

ATLANTA, GA - June 6, 2004 - High definition (HD) video displays are no longer limited to the approximate 15-foot distance needed to obtain HD video from the source. To accommodate greater ease and flexibility in audio/video setups, connectivity solutions provider Gefen offers three add-on solutions that transmit HD video long distances with high resolutions intact: the HDMI-1000 extends HD video plus digital audio up to 330-feet from the source; the DVI-1000 transmits HD video up to 1640-feet using high quality fiber optics cables; and the HDTV Extender uses proprietary, integrated circuitry combined with new chip technologies to send HD video over CAT-5 cables—a new solution that was never before possible.

The extension systems work through sender and receiver units that extend the video and in some cases, digital audio from source to display; two small units placed at local and remote locations are connected by the appropriate cable. Both units require one external power supply that may be connected at the source or the extended display. All three systems are HDCP (high definition content protection) compliant, an encoded "key" engineered to protect content from unauthorized reproduction.

Each system uses one of several types of cabling to connect the local and remote units. For short distances less than 50-feet, DVI copper-based, IEEE 1394 FireWire or HDMI cables, available in short lengths that can be daisy-chained together, are all sufficient for delivering quality video. Fiber optics are recommended for long distances, when you need to extend hundreds of feet in length. Less expensive CAT-5 cables can now be used with Gefen's HDTV Extender, providing a cheaper alternative when transmitting HD video up to 150-feet.

Gefen's HD extenders are designed to accommodate DVI and HDMI equipped components that support HD video resolutions up to 1080I (1920x1200 for computer systems). Increasingly, HD displays and projectors are utilizing either DVI or HDMI to connect to the video source via cable. Both transmit the higher resolutions of HD video, however, DVI uses a 24-pin connector while HDMI uses a smaller connector that transmits video plus multi-channel audio in one cable. HDMI is backwards compatible with DVI, making inexpensive adapter solutions available for system integration possibilities.

The HDMI-1000 (MSRP $699), the HDTV Extender (MSRP $499) and the DVI-1000 (MSRP $899) are available for review at Products may be ordered online or by calling (818) 884-6294. Products can also be purchased through one of Gefen's distributors, located around the country and also listed online.

About Gefen Inc.
Gefen provides computer and electronics connectivity solutions through its ex-tend-it Professional Series, which offers multi-platform extension, switching, distribution and conversion technologies. Gefen is currently pioneering a full line of HDTV products that enable high definition digital video to be split, switched and extended. A selection of HDMI, fiber optics, DVI and CAT5 cabling is available through Gefen as well as audio, USB, CAT5, PS/2, RS232 and similar peripheral support solutions. Detailed product information may be found at