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Optoma Launches the Exceptional H77 Home Theater Projector Featuring HD2+ DLP™ Technology from Texas Instruments

Press Release  |  Jun 9, 2004

Outstanding 3500:1 Contrast Ratio and the Virtual Elimination of Dithering

Milpitas, Calif. and Atlanta, Georgia. (June 09, 2004)-Optoma announces the launch of a new world-class projector for the home - the H77 Home Theater Projector. By doing the seemingly impossible - improving on its predecessor, the H76 Home Theater Projector - Optoma has once again shown that digital projectors, especially those based on DLP™ from Texas Instruments, can rival and even surpass the film-like quality of the best analog projectors that cost the equivalent of a down payment on a house.

The H77 Home Theater Projector features a contrast ratio previously unheard of in the world of digital projectors - 3500:1. With this contrast ratio, the H77 makes standard definition television look like DVD, DVD appears to be high-definition content and high definition is given a whole new definition in image quality.

The H77's proprietary coated DVE (Dark Video Enhancement) eight-segment color wheel produces movie scenes that heighten the drama of a film's cinematography by increasing the amount of detail available in the darker parts of the picture. The H77 allows viewers to see content the way directors intended them to be seen - with vivid colors, true blacks and an extraordinary depth of field, turning a blank screen into a work of art.

The H77 brings theater home by employing the latest home theater technology from Texas Instruments. The astounding HD2+ DLP™ chip from Texas Instruments achieves both higher brightness and deeper black levels by "filling in" the area where the digital micromirror connects to its hinge - the so-called "dimple." HD2+ and its attendant color wheel improvements also enable a wider and smoother color palette with virtually no dithering in the lower end of the grey scale.

The Optoma H77 Home Theater Projector would be revolutionary enough with these dramatic improvements in image quality. Fortunately for home theater aficionados, Optoma does not stop there. The H77 also ushers in a host of other advancements in the home theater arena, including a 100%-offset vertical lens shift that enables easy installation without compromising image quality.

Furthermore, when a consumer purchases the Optoma H77 Home Theater Projector, she also buys one of the most advanced remotes on the market. Optoma H77's included, easy-to-use Universal Touch Screen Remote can manage up to 8 electronic entertainment devices, including projectors, TVs, VCRs, DVDs, CDs, Tuners and AV receivers. The Remote's ability to assign macros of up to 60 commands, including time delays between two commands, and other advanced features will also give an installation professional or advanced user the ability to program one-button easy access to a host of different viewing scenarios, stripping unneeded complexity out of home theaters for consumers.

The Optoma H77 Home Theater Projector also employs some of the most revolutionary engineering on the market, such as its Shield Design casing. This advanced casing technology prevents unwanted light emissions and, at the same time, enables near silent operation. The secret to this technology lies in the strategic use of baffles within the cooling tunnel to reduce air speeds and achieve whisper quiet, 23dB performance.

Optoma backs up the extraordinary performance of the H77 Home Theater projector with a generous two-year warranty and a Zero Dead Pixel policy. This policy allows consumers to return for repair the H77 in the unlikely event that any one of its 921,600 pixels stops working properly.

Unmatched 3500:1 contrast ratio for a film-like theater effect and greater depth of field.
High definition (720p native) HD2+ DLP™ technology from Texas Instruments.
Proprietary DVE color wheel technology with additional dark segments for virtually no dithering.
Included Universal Touch Screen Remote for easy control of the entire home theater environment.
Revolutionary Shield Design casing for reduced light leakage and whisper quiet, 23dB performance.
Power Zoom and Power Focus from the remote for super fine-tuning close to the screen.
100%-offset vertical lens shift for easy setup without image quality compromises.
Industry-leading video processing and proprietary, independently adjustable color matrix.
Minimum throw ratio of 1.6:1 allowing "drop in" setup of home theaters designed for CRT projectors.
DVI-HDCP connector ensuring connectivity with future digital devices.

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