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Runco Takes Home Theater to the Xtreme With New DLP™ Projection System

Press Release  |  Jun 28, 2004

World Class Video Projector and Processor Package Hits Production Lines, Establishes the Next Level for Home Entertainment Realism

UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA — June 28, 2004 — Runco International, the world leader in high-end home theater video display technology, steps into the future once again with the introduction of the Video Xtreme™ VX-2c Projection System. This revolutionary high definition imaging technology, with forward-thinking engineering, is the first to deliver a native 16:9, 3-chip entertainment experience to a variety of home theater environments. Packaged with the new, Next Generation ViVix II™ DHD™ Digital Controller, which features advanced digital processing and expansive connectivity, the VX-2c package sets a higher standard for advanced home video excellence. The Video Xtreme VX-2c Projection System is now shipping worldwide.

The VX-2c is among the first DLP projectors to offer a 3-chip configuration and 16:9 (1280 x 720) native resolution for home theater applications. As the first consumer projector manufacturer licensed by Texas Instruments for DLP, Runco and its engineers built on an exclusive store of experience to implement the technology in the VX-2c. The team designed the projector's optical light engine around 3 of TI's HD-2 Digital Micromirror Devices, eliminating the need for a color wheel–reducing mechanical complexity–and achieving superior clarity, color saturation, and contrast.

"The Video Xtreme VX-2c Projection System is a thrilling achievement for the Runco team and is exciting news for discriminating home theater enthusiasts," said Bob Hana, president of Runco International. "Our design approach continuously seeks to raise standards for video reproduction, and with the VX-2c System, we brought innovation to each aspect of its performance. Pairing our world-renowned projection and signal processing technology, this new video display package represents the next level in what can be expected for state-of-the-art home theater."

Using Runco's own industry-recognized Cinema Standards Measurement System (CSMS™), the VX-2c achieves a light output of 52.1 foot-Lamberts and 1,199 ANSI Lumens (2500 Standard ANSI) and a contrast ratio of 271:1 (3100:1 ANSI). CSMS incorporates the respected Imaging Science Foundation's (ISF) calibration standards and measures performance in a simulated home theater environment that has been adopted by independent video technology testers and custom installers seeking to provide the finest quality picture.

In designing the VX-2c, Runco has built a projector that not only reproduces superior images but offers a new level of installation flexibility. Using Runco's smallest 3-chip chassis ever—measuring just 8-1/8" high—it puts a captivating picture where many 3-chip projectors simply can't be installed. Six lens options (five zoom lenses and one for rear screen projection) make the VX-2 highly adaptable within restrictive installations and fit for screens up to 250 inches wide. A vertical shift 60% up and 24% down is available from all zoom lenses, and a horizontal shift from 10% to 16% depending on which lens is used.

The VX-2c is also the world's first projector to include Runco's exclusive New LiveLink™ technology. This technology, developed by Runco engineers, is the only existing solution today for transmitting DVI pure digital signals over long distances. Typically, high-definition digital video signals can only be transmitted through DVI cables for a few meters without losing quality, but the VX-2c allows 720P and 1080i digital signals to be sent along its DVI cable up to 75 feet without any degradation of signal quality or bandwidth.

The Video Xtreme VX-2c Projection System includes the all-new Digital High Definition™ (DHD) Video Controller, which provides the industry's leading image processing, scaling and aspect ratio control, plus expansive connectivity to guarantee future compatibility. It individually tailors signals reaching the VX-2c from each source and converts 4:3 images to 16:9 screens without losing any image integrity––yet requires only a single cable to connect to the VX-2c. The DHD Controller features eight inputs and field-upgradeable software that lets installers download new features on the job, guaranteeing performance always matches the most cutting-edge sources. It produces 12V DC trigger signals to activate third party components like motorized screen lifts and drapes and features IR and RS-232 compatibility, plus an RJ11 communications port for complete integration with advanced home automation systems.

Specifications for the Video Xtreme™ VX-2c Video Projector:
Projector Type: Digital Light Processing™, 3-chip HD-2 Digital Micromirror Device™
Native Resolution: 1280 x 720 (16:9)
Scan Frequency: Horizontal: 15 – 100 KHz, Vertical: 28 – 78 Hz
Recommended Screen Size: Width: 72 – 120 in.; maximum width: 250 in.
Throw Distance:
Lens Option 1: Zoom 1.20–1.40 x width
Lens Option 2: Zoom 1.40–1.77 x width
Lens Option 3: Zoom 1.77–2.35 x width
Lens Option 4: Zoom 2.35–3.60 x width
Lens Option 5: Zoom 3.60–5.70 x width
Lens Option 6: 0.95 x width (rear-screen applications)
Light Output: CSMS™ Specifications: 1,199 Home Theater
ANSI Lumens; 52.1 Foot-Lamberts (fL); 2,500 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio: CSMS Contrast Ratio: 271:1; 3100:1 ANSI
Lamp: 275W UHP
Lamp Life: 2000 hours @ 6500º Kelvin
Controller Interface: (1) DVI Connector
Dimensions: 19-3/16"W x 26-7/16"D x 8-1/8"H w/out feet; 9-3/4"H w/ feet
Weight: 81 lbs. (without lens)

Specifications for the DHD™ Digital Controller (Included with the VX-2c):
Inputs: (1) Composite, (2) S-Video, (1) Component (480i or 576i), (2) RGBHV/Component HD, (2) DVI Digital w/HDCP
Input Standards: NTSC/PAL
Aspect Ratios: Anamorphic, Letterbox, VirtualWide, 4:3 (16:9 or 4:3 screens)
Output Resolution: 720p
Outputs: (1) HD - RGB, H, V; (1) DVI w/HDCP
Control Options: Discrete infrared remote, (2) RS-232, (1) 9-pin connector, (1) RJ-11, front panel controls
Trigger/Masking Outputs: (3) 12V DC, 1/8A
Bandwidth: 150 Mega Samples/Second (MSPS)
Dimensions (w/o feet): 17-1/2"W x 3-3/4"H x 3-3/4"D
Weight: 13 lbs.
System MSRP: $39,995
Availability: Now Shipping

About Runco
Founded in 1987 and currently headquartered in Union City, California, Runco International is a market leader in state-of-the-art projection systems, flat-panel plasma monitors, video processors and other components for the consumer market. Runco's innovations have won numerous awards and citations from the world press. Runco was the first company to introduce and market a line doubler with a multi-frequency projector in 1990 and also introduced the first multiple-aspect-ratio controller, the ARC-IV, to the Home Theater market. Recently, both of these features have become essential for the new digital high definition capable televisions. For more information on Runco International, visit the Web at

Video Xtreme, Digital High Definition (DHD), Cinema Standards Measurement System (CSMS), and LiveLink are trademarks of Runco International. Digital Light Processing, DLP and DMD are trademarks of Texas Instruments.