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Optoma Launches Sovereign(tm) Series DLP(tm)
Front and Rear Projection Product Line

Press Release  |  Sep 10, 2004

Designed for the Home Theater Professional
Optoma builds on its reputation as the DLP(tm) Display Expert

Indianapolis, Indiana and Milpitas, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2004)-Optoma Technology, Inc. announces the launch of a new product line designed exclusively for the professional, the Sovereign(tm) Series of home theater display devices.

Optoma's DLP(tm) television monitors are quickly becoming recognized as the reference standard for DLP(tm) rear-projection technology (see Widescreen Review's Display Technology Shoot-Out, September 2004 issue). At the same time, OptomaTVs also offer a professional level of control for the calibrator (individual setting memorization by input type) and for the home theater integrator (full set of discrete IR commands).

Now, Optoma's new Sovereign(tm) Series of front- and rear-projection products delivers an even higher level of performance and functionality for the home theater professional. Based on Optoma's HD2+ HDTV monitors, the Sovereign(tm) HDTV monitors are put together in a special assembly line at Optoma's worldwide headquarters, located in California. Key optical and electronic components are hand selected, matched and fine tuned for the ultimate performance on a rear-projection set.

The Sovereign(tm) Series' first two models - the SV50XF and the SV65XF (50" and 65" diagonal image size, respectively) - are also calibrated by ISF-certified technicians here in the US to improve on OptomaTV's already outstanding color fidelity (Digital World Choice Award, October 2004 issue).

Furthermore, the Imaging Science Foundation's Certified Calibration Configuration (ISFccc) provides the calibrator with a pair of presets that preserves the professional's "value added" by allowing him or her to set and lock an "ISF Day" and an "ISF Night" mode in addition to the separate, user-adjustable User 1, User 2 and User 3 modes available to the consumer on the Sovereign(tm) Series OptomaTVs.

The Sovereign(tm) HDTV monitors are also guaranteed to be trouble free when they are delivered to the installer's job site. By scrutinizing every detail, including color accuracy and dynamic grey balance on each input, Optoma also ensures that the installation can begin as soon as the display hardware is delivered. The word Sovereign(tm) is the professional's guarantee from Optoma that the job will be done right, right away!

Finally, Sovereign(tm) HDTV monitors include accessories that the professional expects, such as an HDMI-to-DVI adaptor and a DVI-port audio cable. The Sovereign(tm) monitors will also include a data sheet signed by the technician indicating the set's individual calibration output, giving the job-site calibrator a "starting point" for further fine tuning if needed in the end user's specific ambient-lighting environments.

Also part of the Sovereign(tm) line is Optoma's currently shipping H77 Home Theater Projector. Like the SV50XF and SV65XF, the H77 ensures a professional level of performance and quality assurance. Not only does the H77 share the Sovereign(tm) monitors' Zero Dead Pixel policy, it also offers advanced home theater features, such as a 100%-offset vertical lens shift, an incredibly low 23dB noise level, and a world-class 3500:1 contrast ratio for vivid colors, true blacks and an extraordinary depth of field.

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About Optoma Technology, Inc.

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