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The XEED SX50 – Canon’s new SXGA+ super-compact Multimedia Projector

Press Release  |  Sep 23, 2004

(European Press Release)

Canon, leader in photographic and imaging technology, is pleased to announce the release of the Multimedia Projector XEED SX50 – an SXGA+ resolution projector with a remarkably compact body and affordable price tag.

Boasting 2500 ANSI lumens brightness, a high contrast ratio of 1000:1, and a high-performance 1.7x zoom lens, the XEED SX50 delivers extremely high image quality. Its 1400 x 1050 pixel SXGA+ resolution is capable of projecting highly detailed images such as CAD drawings, technical data, intricate designs and high definition movies.

"The XEED SX50 is a truly ground-breaking device," said Malcolm Hills, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging in the UK and Ireland. "In a unique convergence of precision optics and advanced electronics, Canon is able to produce a breakthrough SXGA+ projector at a fraction of the size and price of other products currently on the market."

Crystal clear resolution

Three advanced LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) panels allow the XEED SX50 to produce its pin sharp SXGA+ picture quality. Gaps between the transmissive LCD pixels used in conventional projectors result in images appearing as though covered in a fine mesh. However with virtually no gaps between the pixels of LCOS panels in the XEED SX50, diagonal lines in presentations are reproduced with outstanding clarity. Subtle gradations are rendered clearly with exceptionally smooth grey scale displays.

Unique technology

To overcome the cumbersome size and high cost of traditional LCOS projectors, Canon developed AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System), a unique optical illumination system incorporating LCOS technology into a remarkably compact body. By optimising the light from the projector's lamp in relation to the characteristics of the LCOS panels and PBS (Polarisation Beam Splitter), AISYS achieves a lightweight and compact chassis without compromising on brightness and contrast.

Weighing only 3.9kg, the XEED SX50 features an impressive 1000:1 contrast ratio, which adds depth to images, and 2500 ANSI lumens for projecting images that are easy to view even in bright locations. AISYS not only reduces the size of the XEED SX50, but by integrating Canon's unique technologies and LCOS panels into a single optimised system, it also overcomes the complications facing other LCOS projectors. With smaller, more effective components and fewer complications, Canon is able to offer the device at a remarkably low price point.

Optical excellence

Thanks to a heritage of 60 years of optical excellence and innovation, Canon's engineers are at the forefront of imaging and lens development. As well as the development of the XEED SX50's new AISYS optical system, this commitment to research has led to a new projection lens. Its 1.7x zoom achieves strong magnification with little distortion throughout the zoom range, while two aspherical elements eliminate aberrations, for high corner-to-corner contrast.

The projector lens elements have special coatings to limit harmful reflections that can wash out images – ensuring brightness is not compromised.

The optimal angle

The XEED SX50's powerful 1.7x zoom lens not only allows for flexible placement of the projector, its wide angle projection capability permits large image projection even in small spaces. The Keystone correction functions prevent horizontal and vertical distortion up to +/– 20 degrees. A tilt foot with spring allows users to tilt the projector up or down (up to 10 degrees) with one hand.

Colour accuracy

By optimising the design of optical system components such as the PBS and colour selector, light is accurately and efficiently separated before passing to the LCOS panels, and then just as accurately recombined. The result is clear, true colours that are reproduced with high contrast and exceptional colour balance.

An sRGB mode ensures colour consistency with other sRBG compliant systems. The 6-axis colour adjustment function enables optimum colour adjustment separately for each of the RGB and CMY colour axes. This is ideal for designers who must be confident that colours are projected accurately.

Modes and movies

Easily selectable modes provide the best balance of image settings for different styles of presentations. Modes include Standard, Dynamic, sRGB and Cinema. The XEED SX50 is ideal for projecting movies – its LCOS panels operate at a double frame speed to deliver flicker free, high quality, and seamless video viewing.

Progressive Scanning produces a vivid picture to give optimum viewing. By creating smoother movement, clear diagonal lines and super-sharp titles, it is ideal for film, video and even high definition images. SXGA+ resolution supports high definition movies, so the XEED SX50 is capable of showing full 720p or slightly compressed 1080p video.

Connectivity and accessories

The XEED SX50's advanced connectivity allows projection from laptops, VCRs, DVD players and any other multi-media devices. HD is supported through both the DVI and the Component Video connectors. The analogue RGB Out is ideal for external monitor connection and projection.

Accessories include a remote control unit, and computer connection cable (DVI-Dsub 15), component cable (D-sub 15-RCA*3) and USB cable. An optional ceiling mount is available to suspend the unit from the ceiling.

Pricing, availability and reader enquiries

The XEED SX50 will be available from November 2004 for £2839 RRP inc. VAT / €4099.95 RRP inc. VAT